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May 30th, 2012

It agrees that this communicated politics either through all aorganizao for the users in the form that either excellent, accessible ecompreensvel for the reader in focus. Coordination of the security of the information In great existemprofissionais organizations that are responsible for implanting security controls dInformao.So they responsible them for the search of security rules, metodologiae processes, such as the evaluation of risk in the security system dainformao. Attribution of the responsibilities in seguranada information Agrees that the responsibilities for the protection of each ativoe for the fulfilment of specific processes of security are claramentedefinidas. It agrees that the politics of security of the information supplies to general umguia on the attribution of rules and responsibilities of security in the organization. However oproprietrio it continues as responsible end for the security of the asset and convmque either capable to determine if they are being correctly delegated asresponsabilidades. It is essential that the areas for which each manager is responsvelestejam clearly established; in particular one sends regards that the itensseguintes are fulfilled.

) It agrees that some seguranaassociados assets and processes of with each system are identified eclaramente defined. b) He agrees that the responsible manager for each asset ouprocesso of security is in agreement and the details of this responsabilidadesejam registered. c) It agrees that the authorization levels are claramentedefinidos and registered. Physical security guard For physical security understands-seaqui the related aspects of security with events where contactofsico abnormal person with the equipment exists. For times some physical proximity suficiente, as happens with imperfections of confidencialidade for detention distncia of electromagnetic signals emitted by the communication lines oumonitores of video. Events not deliberate Imperfections in the electric feeding the imperfections in the alimentaoelctrica or its me the quality are an important factor for the instability dossistemas, normally take to the non-availability of the system, being able provocarainda losses of data, disable of applications or same you damage de' ' hardware' '.


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