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Illegal Downloads

February 16th, 2016

These pages were accused although not formally attributed to offer links to the Megaupload network and form part of the framework dedicated to infringing intellectual property and money laundering. In addition, they include Peliculasyonkis (like Series Yonkis, Madrid owned by Burn Media), Thepiratecity.org, megarealease.net, ninjavideo.net or surfthechannel.com. Some of them, such as The PirateCity, Ninjavideo and Ninjavideo German have been closed by the FBI intervention. The indictment against seven leaders of the portal now imprisoned Kim Dotcom, Finn Batato, Julius Bencko, Sven Echternach, Mathias Ortmann, Andrus Nomm and Bram van der Kolk and two leading Megaupload Limited and Vestor Limited talks about the existence of a Conspiracy Mega (playing with the name multiple domains and companies of the plot, which begin with the prefix Mega-) which he accuses of illegally distributing movies, music, pictures, computer, video games and e-books, and programs go to expand business to other industries. Atmos Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But also of having assembled a plot to launder money and evade to the U.S. Treasury through complex payments and international transactions. 4% Of global internet traffic according to the exhaustive investigation directed by the Chief Prosecutor against cybercrime, Jay V.

Prabhu, after Megaupload existed a plot of companies that charged above all of the subscription of users to have better service downloads online, at prices ranging from the $9.99 monthly (7 euros) to 199.99 dollars (150 euros) of lifetime, and advertising, which obtained both his own media Megaclick managing Google Adwords and other popular services ad. By these concepts came to obtain, according to the Prosecutor, some 150 million dollars (116 million euros) over six years, from September 2005 to June 2011. By advertising, however, researchers believe that only Megaupload earned $ 25 million, despite their figures of 180 million users registered, 50 million unique users per month and grab 4% of global internet traffic. Payments by Paypal in the investigation, in addition to Google, appear involved other companies that handled payments of the plot, such as Paypal and Moneybookers, two of which closed the accounts in support of Wikileaks pages. To Paypal, owned by Ebay, whose leaders are contributors to the Republican party, proponents of the law soup, intended to pursue illegal internet downloads is accused of having dealt with $ 110 million in payments from Internet users to the network. Moneybooks processed 5 million dollars to accounts of those responsible.

Demand also mentions several monetary transactions of defendants, moving amounts exceeding one million dollars every 15 days. To these have seized them numerous assets, including 25 cars and bikes of luxury, as 13 Mercedes, a Maseratti and a Lamborghini, as well as numerous screens and computer equipment.www.vagos.es data hosted on Megaupload USA had hosted servers in the State of Virginia, a few miles from the official headquarters of the U.S. Government, including the Pentagon and FBI. Your provider of hosting, Cogent Communication, housed in U.S. territory 24 petabytes of information (24 million gigabytes) on 525 computers, although it also had other data centers in Europe and Asia. According to the researchers, although Megaupload is presented as a service to store private files, the network kept on their own servers a public copy of this content which was which supplied at the request of third parties. According to the text, the web violated systematically privacy policy which gives subscribers the responsibility of your files, which considers private and publicly placed this content so that the download of free software would be faster.


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