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Hyundai Solaris

April 3rd, 2016

For the first time publicly named "Concept rb new model Hyundai Solaris was represented at the Moscow Motor Show 2010. Hyundai Solaris will be produced at a new plant Hyundai Motor Group in St. Petersburg, which officially opened on 21 September. The assembly will be done on a full production cycle, with welding and forging, and by 2012 the Koreans expect to collect 150 thousand cars per year. According to representatives of Hyundai new product will be offered in two Body type: sedan and five-door hatchback.

Hyundai Solaris components of a modern four-cylinder petrol engines Gamma 1.6 or 1.4 liter dohc, which uses a technology called multi-point fuel injection system and continuously variable valve timing. Power of 109 hp (80kW) and 122 hp (90kW). The engine in the 1.4-liter will be working with a 5-step "mechanics" or 4-band automatic transmission for 1.6-liter unit is available only to "automatic". South Korean the base unit in the version with the mechanics spends about 5.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers (a 'gun' – 6.4 liters), while top-end – about six liters (with the 'automatic' 6.5 liters). Moreover, for any given cycle, these figures do not Hyundai specify. Hyundai Solaris looks very decent. Exterior Hyundai Solaris different dynamic and appealing elements, which are reflected in the optics head, nowhere else used L-shaped fog lamps and a massive hexagonal grille. Appearance is complemented by a continuous convex curves, which are located above the front fog lamps and run into the bottom rear combination lamps.

According to safety requirements Hyundai Solaris has energy-absorbing body, which is manufactured using high strength steel. Also, the model can be used with the stabilization system esp c abs, climate control and audio system and can be equipped with six airbags. The basic package model Hyundai Solaris will include heated rear window, a large four-liter tank for washer fluid, as well as high-capacity battery (60 Ah). As options will be available heating zone the rest of brushes 'caretakers', the front seats and outside mirrors. Dimensions of the model are as follows: its length – 4,370 mm Height – 1450 mm. According to the results held for several years engineers and marketers Hyundai Research Programme of the Russian automotive market in the Hyundai Solaris includes many convenient features, explained by local weather and traffic usloviyami.Est acting emergency stop signal, which will flash in emergency braking to reduce the likelihood of an attack from behind. Release of the new sedan will be launched in St. Petersburg at the beginning of next year and in March, the car goes on sale. After six months and will hatchbacks Hyundai Solaris.


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