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Hyundai Solaris

April 4th, 2016

So, for the first time that Hyundai was seen in August 2010 at the Moscow Motor Show. Sedan shark wearing the colors on the stand of Korean company under the enigmatic title, and RB already said that the serial sample from the outside would be "very looks like. " In fact, assembled in St. Petersburg sedan outside just a copy of RB. Those beautiful contours, larger headlights, foglights with a daring zigzag. In general, a car with a twist.

Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price But even before the first "nekontsept" appeared on the eyes of the public, revealed a plot with the name of news. More than 27 000 people from more than 30 000, which asked Hyundai, voted for Solaris. Kolesa.Ru also learned that another name has been discussed i25. But proprietary index of the Russian automotive audience did not like. Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price on the interior of Solaris did not know anything. The first sample seen liked – and really. This is a beautiful, clear design, well to-read instrumentation, pleasant to the touch parts and materials familiar from other Hyundai – for example, Elantra and i30.

Especially I want to say about the sound insulation – scourge of many cars assembled for us. In the prototype, driven by Russian Prime Minister, she made good on a European level. No whining and annoying sawing sounds. However, here is just to make a reservation – Kolesa.Ru studied is a prototype, assembled specially for the ceremony the opening ceremony.

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