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GWS Makes You Fit For IT Requirements Of The Future

January 10th, 2016

While with an once again high attendance of almost 200 participants fourth Raiffeisen IT Conference of the GWS has on February 21 company for merchandise management systems mbH almost 200 participants at Raiffeisen-IT Conference in Melle in Melle ended. About 200 representatives of 80 cooperatively organized enterprises from all over Germany for two days around informed about current trends in IT, can but especially about the question of how the software solutions of GWS their daily work easier. At the heart of the event, which was accompanied by discussions and practical workshops focused on topics such as fleet management, disposition, as well as the coming regulatory changes relating to payments. Helmut Benefader, CEO of GWS, made it clear IT trends in his keynote speech that the economy as a whole and thus also the co-operative sector must confront. To the major trends for the co-operative sector, Benefader was here the rapidly growing e-commerce, as well as the Need to equally well received and use data and information on all devices. “The CEO stressed: as we know, are very precisely to the coexistence and conflict of stationary and online trading consultants of the GWS very well in the subjects used – works and know what steps for cooperatives in this area are useful.” The same applies to the segments of process optimization, assortment organization or changing revenue structure. Benefader made it clear that the GWS coach today more than 90 percent of enterprises in the Raiffeisen sector in whole Germany and thus is the leading IT service providers in this segment.

Dr. Clemens great Frie, Chief Executive Officer of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, reported on trends and prospects in the field of cooperatives, the Federation and the markets. Special topics were including risk management, volatility, portfolio enhancements and internationalization ization. The issues of logistics and fleet management were particularly detailed fleet management according to the themes of the Conference treated and presented.

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