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Gutefrage.NET Is Germany

November 17th, 2023

The first gutefrage.net-Auszeichnung goes to the Europa-Park in rust. Munich, September 21, 2010: “What theme park is the most beautiful in Germany?”, asked gutefrage.net and called on the community to choose their favorite theme park. The members fired over 2,500 reviews in just four weeks and complemented this by more than 1,400 personal essays. Now Germany’s largest Advisor Community presented their winner: the Europa-Park in rust. In the vote for the consumer award were 13 institutions from all over Germany to the election. The Europa-Park with an average rating of 4.43 out of possible five stars won in the end. A super Park where it is also worth to go once more”, is it gutefrage.net-Mitglied Shinestar” to the point. But also the other parks fared positively with the community members.

So, the winner was closely followed by the HANSA-PARK with 4.29 stars and of the Phantasialand 4.25 stars. The Europa-Park impressed especially with loving Decoration, typical topics, shows and unique attractions such as the blue fire, or the Silver Star. To do so, the community praised the extensive system that offers a lot of fun even over several days. We are particularly pleased that we were chosen by users of gutefrage.net most beautiful amusement park in Germany. Because this result reflects the opinion of the consumer and proves that we are the justifiably high expectations of our guests with our consistent focus on quality, authentic theming and variety”, so Dr. Volker Klaiber, head of corporate communications of the Europa-Park.

Apart from applause and enthusiasm, the gutefrage.net-Mitglieder expressed criticism. Because the some of the long queues at the most popular attractions of many parks led to disappointment. Has canilly for those who want to avoid that in the future”a good tip: go in times, where else nobody’s going and on the holidays in Germany, France and the Switzerland Beware! “.” In addition to long waiting times, also the high costs of gastronomic offerings on the stomach hit many.


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