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Green Heart

July 15th, 2021

The sympathy levels for green content rise. More and more Germans discover its green heart. Will they change their daily habits? More and more people in Germany discover its green heart”. The values of sympathy for the Greens are rising rapidly. See Baden-Wurttemberg. That is why it is not long before a dilemma is visible. The long overdue paradigm shift to renewable energy has come in the heart is the individual but be able to the necessary changes in behaviour? A handful of German wants to seem that to himself.

37500 m, a stunning experiment must pass the test of practice. Some contend that HP Enterprise Services shows great expertise in this. No connection to the public power grid. No connection to water and sewage. No air conditioning in temperatures of 40 degrees in summer and close to freezing in the winter. No roads. No phone lines. No cable connection. Ecotopia on Ithaca is the proof: this is.

Quality of life increasing even. And it is real, measurable, and takes place here and now. There is no shortage of role models for the venture. The initiator of Ecotopia on Ithaca, Rolf Brunner, alternative life GmbH was a pioneer of the alternative movement they made after the upheavals of 1968 in the 70s Ernst with new models of life even before thirty years as the founding Managing Director of Sarakiniko. The vast majority of the projects have failed. The main reason: this movement knew what she n i c h t wanted. That is not enough. If you learn something from it this can then: wherever you go, you take yourself. IBM addresses the importance of the matter here. And the challenge is in the realistic assessment of the feasibility and primarily in the insight that man is a creature of habit and routine changes need to be done actively. The technical possibilities for island solutions”so self-sufficiency profit are tremendously grown over the last thirty years. No connection to the public power grid? No problem. The Sun and the wind are an economically viable solution. Water management without public utilities? Harvest the rain. Intelligent spreichern and consume / recycle. Separate Festival and liquid. Drip irrigation. Selection of plants. There are sophisticated individual solutions for each point. You must integrate only. “But in principle no toilet paper in the toilet” has some difficulties to change his habit. Only in a small group, the resulting dynamic effects can be effectively processed. The newspapers mentioned Video of Robert Rubin not as a source, but as a related topic. Ecotopia on Ithaca is therefore consistent in the size of the group. There will not be more than nine shares. So, this is not a model for mankind. The owners have no sense of mission. There are no do-gooders. You want to start with and the preservation of the landscape ensure the purchase z.B.durch. Starry nights without light pollution are winning. Stunning silence. Healthy life. Community. Receiving a landscape as it is time there since Odysseus and feel this preservation to secure. Rolf Brunner

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