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Green Energy

December 15th, 2016

The deployment of solar concentration or CSP technique for its acronym in English, has been carrying out in these moments throughout the world, being adopted by a lot of Nations for its efficiency and profitability. Together with the University of Sonora (Unison) UNAM seek to install a plant producing power using this technology, since if it unfolds completely could generate the required electrical power to the entire Mexican population. The CSP system uses lenses or mirrors to concentrate a large amount of sunlight into a small beam. The concentrated light is used as a heat source that makes work a conventional power plant. The idea that has the UNAM is the implantation of a plant similar to the PS10 installed in Seville, Spain, which uses movable mirrors called heliostats that focus light at the top of a 115 m tall tower in where on top of this she located a solar receiver and a steam turbine. The turbine spins a generator that produces electricity which could cater to the Mexican households. The plant installed in Seville is estimated that it will produce 300 MW by 2013.

The Center for research in energy of the UNAM (CIE) calculated that if used 604 Km2 of land in the desert of Sonora (where leftover space) using the tower technology for the production of electrical energy, this would be sufficient to meet the demands of the country. All this because the Sonoran Desert can produce 6 kWh per square meter per day, this amount is much greater than in countries that already have this type of energy and they plan to make it their main sustenance, for example Spain receives 4.7KWh per square metre per day while Germany only receive 2.7KWh per square meter per day. For more specific information, check out Bobby Gocool. While other countries beneficiaries have been by this type of technology, Mexico is delayed despite its great capacity to generate energy using this method, which collects a renewable resource as abundant as it is solar energy. In a world where green energy is the most sought after and respect for the environment is a priority, Mexico should begin to use energy sources that do not pollute and are renewable, within this category, the CSP system is the perfect candidate to be implemented in our country, especially because the Sonoran Desert has significant competitive advantages, which would give us renowned internationally. What is needed in Mexico to implement this new technology is the lack of budget and support project (advertising and demonstration of advantages), but all is not lost, the FIC together with Unison have a project that includes a solar power plant along with a solar oven for the treatment of wastewater, quoted in 40 million pesos, of whom Conacyt contributed only 18 million, the Unison provided the ground where it will be construction, moreover the UNAM will make the contribution of the rest, by what we hope that this project is carried out in the next few years.

The entire project includes not only the implantation of the system in the desert, but also the research needed to develop the technology, such as the creation of the heliostats (for which already have prototypes). Truth that is necessary to take such actions, since Mexico generates 73.6% of its energy by burning fossil fuels, why is found at a great distance from a green country. Mexico requires a reform to allow this type of projects that they clearly have a great future of becoming a tangible reality supported directly by the Government.


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