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March 17th, 2023

In a few days, Futuretrend44.de sees the light of day and that promises a lot, because Futuretrend44.de grew out of the desire for innovation, at simultaneous high user satisfaction. An auction platform, on which the customer can purchase quality items at bargain prices according to the system of the so-called “American auction” is carried out with Futuretrend44.de. “Futruretrend44.de differs from similar platforms still significantly” the CEO, M. Langer, was created under the direction of Futuretrend44.de.With an extremely pleasant and ubersichtlichen-such as simple user interface a Web presence was created, on which the customer feels at first well.”tells long happy about his latest project. On the innovations and differences to other “similar platforms” can enjoy the Futuretrend44.de customer? “Differences can be found first of all in the pricing. With only 44 cents usage per bid we could remain far below the otherwise “normal rates”, which is on comparable platforms usually between 50 cents and $ 1.90 move.”so long. Lever Brothers is often quoted on this topic. Will this be it but not all? “By far” uninsured long smiling.

“Another”highlight”of Futuretrend44.de is the refund of bid and this is as follows: all items offered are equipped with a minimum price.” If this minimum is not reached, so samtliche-bids for this auction will be refunded automatically to the accounts of the relevant tenderer. With this innovative new feature Futuretrend44.de stands once more significantly from the “gray mass”, since any financial losses due to the offeror in this case. What can be said about the product range, which will be available at Futuretrend44.de? “With regard to the goods we have here too, great importance attached to USPS. So among other goods will be at Futuretrend44.de available, which are not found on every proverbial “street corner” can be and what even on the World Wide Web only selten-or not are. We address not only “certain groups” in our product range. We offer both the ladies and the Lords of creation, a very highly interesting goods range from young to “no longer quite so young”.


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