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Energy Performance Certificate

August 26th, 2016

1.12. all homes are under a new scheme to evaluate. From 1 December 2012 the EAVG to 2012 into force according to the pending decision in the National Council and it does in itself. Now is the seller or lessor thereby obliged to indicate the energy efficiency of the building also in advertisements. The omission of the document of the energy so far meant that an energy efficiency corresponding to the age and the type of building is considered agreed. Now there are tougher. The buyer or existing employees can Court assert his right to card delivery failure or even an energy performance certificate and share the costs for the seller. Also new is that administrative sanctions are now provided, should there be any energy document.

Also for breach of the duty of disclosure in advertisements, fines are planned up to 1,450 euros. The energy performance certificate new has some new obligations and rights, which we are pleased to inform our customers. This is the free Available energy saving hotline: 0800 / 201550 “, has the weight. Managing Director Bmst. Dry Harbor Nursing Home has much to offer in this field. ing.

Edmund Drohojowski Ahrens and support. Best conditions after thirty experience in chimney renovation Ahrens Schornsteintechnik is one of a few construction companies possessing the necessary know-how in two key areas for the creation of energy performance certificates: on the one hand in the engineering building, building codes, etc. AND on the other hand in the technology of the heat generator and combustion plants”, emphasizes Managing Director Mathias Ahrens. Therefore, the leader in chimney restoration is authorized to Austria and predestined to create the energy performance certificate for existing and planned buildings. The pricing of the energy card fits right into the philosophy of Ahrens. Here, too, it means absolute quality at fair prices. So the a certification for a single-family house costs about 390 euro. Energy performance certificate the main idea of the energy performance certificate provides clarity about the total energy efficiency of buildings and sheds light on the calculation of the heating energy demand. Held in the energy performance certificate is also a total measure of energy, as well as recommendations for improvement. The goal of the EAVG (energy performance certificate template law) is to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, especially the housing and the tertiary sector (business building, public buildings) for over 40% of energy consumption are responsible.

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