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Energy Efficiency Homes

December 15th, 2016

The main purpose of any building project is to create for residents a healthy and comfortable climate. Especially important is the quality of air. Good air quality can be achieved only when there is permanent replacement 'waste' air with fresh outdoor air. Normal fortochnoe airing twice a day is not enough. Ventilation works correctly only if the polluted air is constantly discharged from kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other (intended for this purpose) premises. Fresh air is brought into the living room, nursery, operating (room) and sleeping rooms. It uses just enough fresh air as needed for comfortable living and health of the tenant. In the accommodation comes only fresh outdoor air, not recirculating air.

Because of this observed high health indicators. In fact, ventilation could work with simple exhaust ventilation system and ventilation supply air to the ceiling. Through the ceiling into the room comes a fresh (cold) outside air in the required quantity. In a passive house ventilation would lead to increased heat loss because not by heat recovery from exhaust air. The energy balance could be aligned only by increasing the heating load.

In Central Europe may carry heat and ventilation in passive houses only by high-heat recovery (or in addition to using a compact low-power heating system). Due to this ventilation system, heat from the exhaust air is returned and passed through the supply air heat exchanger, without mixing with the air flow. Modern high-efficiency energy recovery reach today from 75 to 95%. These characteristics are achieved by countercurrent heat exchangers and a special energy-efficient fans (the so-called EC-motors with high efficiency).

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