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Eighties Computer

April 14th, 2012

Had the vises maken a mistake to this respect, some institutions say to have inserted the computer in the Education, but they had only added its resume disciplines it Introduction to the Computer science, whose objective is to teach computation. This allows that the pupil knows the machine, however, with regard to the teach-learning process, not it modifies in nothing the form as the others you discipline are given. 2. COMPUTER SCIENCE IN THE EDUCATION OF BRAZIL: Soon historical vision the use of computers in the Education is so remote how much the commercial advent of the same ones. This type of application always was a challenge for the researchers worried about the dissemination of the computers in the society. Already in middle of the decade of 50, when they had started to be commercialized the first computers with programming capacity and storage of information, they had appeared the first experiences of its use in the Education. (BRAVE, 1999, P.

11) At this time, the emphasis given to the use of computers in the Education was practically to store information in one definitive sequncia and transmitiz them it the apprentice, in the attempt of complementing the machine to teach. Today, this use is not diversified, interesting and challenging, of what simply to take information to the pupil. The computer can be also used in the learning environment enrichment and in the aid to the apprentice in the construction of its knowledge. The history still soon and little registered of the union between computers and education in Brazil, discloses that such process alone starts to be observed, of subtle form, only in the end of the Eighties, when the desire of the institution-school in becoming &#039 more; ' moderna' ' , it took it to accept the computer as an indispensable tool to its administrative and pedagogical functioning. Computer science in the Education in Brazil was born from the interest of educators of some universities motivated for what already it came happening in other countries as United States and France.


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