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Dubbing Films

December 23rd, 2016

1. Tinted car windows protect the interior from auto burnout. The main cause of skin burn, leather and wooden parts of the interior is ultra-violet radiation. Dubbing the film is pasted on the glass cutting off up to 98% of UV radiation, it reduces the burning cabin and protects the instrument panel and other interior parts from overheating and burning color, which prevents premature aging and deterioration of your salon car. 2. Tinted glass enhances the safety car driver and passengers. Side and rear windows of modern cars are made of tempered glass.

In case of accident or damage to such glass shatters into hundreds of small sharp pieces that could injure the driver and passengers and deliver a host of other troubles. In the tinted car in an accident damaged glass is kept dubbing the film, which gives him crumble into pieces inside the vehicle, which certainly increases the safety of your vehicle. In addition, toned glass reduces eye strain caused by the sun, snow or lights oncoming cars, it makes control of the car more comfortable, enjoyable and safe. 3. Tinted car contributes to the comfort and economy. Professional car tinting film to reflect up to 60% solar heat, which reduces air conditioning costs in summer, and, consequently, fuel consumption in winter due to improved thermal insulation properties of tinted glass to heat the passenger compartment is required much less energy.

4. Tinted glass enhances the appearance and emphasizes the individuality of cars. One can not disagree with the fact that professionally toned car looks much more stylish and expensive advantageous than a car with ordinary glasses. 5. Tinted car protects your privacy. Tinted car windows, while maintaining a good view from the inside, creating the effect of one-way visibility, allowing you to see not interior from the outside. Protection from prying prying eyes will provide you comfort and peace of mind.

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