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Decorating Products

August 4th, 2011

The modern level of development of the textile industry and the prospects quality design of textile products currently associated with the development of use of modern computer technologies. A modern computer can significantly extend and enrich the established methods of creating designs for textiles, assumes a much more rapid implementation of creative ideas of the artist. All of these innovations prevnosimye allow you to create textiles to the world standards, promote the further expansion of the range of textile products. As task design, work artist on the design fabric contains a purely creative and not creative, mechanical problems, although of course all may depend on the very professional. It is these practical questions of a primarily The use of computers. An important advantage of computer-aided design is the ability to create a large number of options drawing on the basis of a single motif or element that allows for creativity design specialist in broader terms than the usual way of work However, creative designs for the simulation of tissue remains the creative process as well as imagination, intuition of the artist, the experience, are not amenable to formalization, played a leading role when working in a man of dialogue – a computer. cad system within embedded in her program is a designer of opportunities in the process of creating the project design fabrics.

Kprimeru when you need a designer to obtain multiple variants of a single sketch from changes ramer fragments of pictures, making collages, created by the artist, introduction of new motives, their rotations, the introduction or removal of contour lines, making a sketch, motivation, change color, position, changes in composite construction drawings and the like. On-screen color display can be simultaneously see and compare the many variants of the same sketch, leaving one of them is needed. However, the formulation of the project in the design drawing and estimate of its aesthetic qualities in the final remain with the artist. In the application of electronic computers greatly facilitated the process coloring create thumbnails, which can be controlled using specialized software. E Processing sketch for his play on textiles includes operations such as color separation and preparation of films for printing the picture, engraving printing rollers with a laser beam. For jacquard pattern – is the programming and preparation of cardboard (no stage patronage).

Time to complete all necessary procedures for the use of computers is reduced to a few days or hours instead of several weeks. Drawings for printed and jacquard fabrics, created using electronic computers, differ from the drawings done by designers in the usual way, the purity of performance, complexity of construction, new the nature of pictorial and geometric motifs. All this allows us to speak about a new style in the design of fabrics – computer graphics. On our site drawings created with the help of electronic computers machines. The modern way to design sketches with the help of computers to actively influence the formation of new directions in the artistic design of textile products and in modeling the costume reflects complex relationship with the artistic culture of scientific and technological progress. The activities of contemporary designer complicated by the necessity of using new technologies, one of which is The use of computers. These facilities offer new opportunities in a traditional form of applied art, as decoration of textile products.


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