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Dados Data

May 30th, 2012

The data locking of the companies and the privacy of consumers and users of social nets? how Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.? continuously the risks are displayed. In way to this scene, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and legislators if lean over on the questions that involve security and privacy of data. The management of the resources of data (GRD) if presents disciplines between them of the Governana de Dados as that capable one to minimize the risks and to guarantee the sensible data locking. In this context, a personage, with strategical paper for the success of the governana of data, arrives in port in the Brazilian market, the example of what already she occurred in other countries. One is about the Steward Date, that in Brazil is known as strategical manager of data, also called governor or custodian of data. This new personage, who starts to be searched by the companies and institutions, has as performance premise to identify new chances of business from a strategical management of the data (credibility, quality and integrity).

To this if it adds the objective to guarantee more effectiveness and efficiency in the use of these data (Origin and Destination of the Data); To be the responsible one for the voice of the data (Transparency of the Data); to answer for the Governana de Dados, catalytic factor in the success of the Chief Steward Date. In accordance with Renato Opice Blum, one of the few lawyers specialized in Electronic Right in the country and professor of Digital Right of the FGVLaw, more early or later this function tends if to consolidate of irreversible form, the example of what it occurred in other countries, either as reply to the necessities of the market, either of the legislation. According to lawyer, the market is of who withholds the information, that he needs to be kept with segurana' ' to act of preventive form ' ' we have to leave of the principle, of that one day the data will be able to leak, and if they go to leak, that it is of the best form.


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