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Creating Websites

February 11th, 2011

Web site creation for small businesses was one of the common business problems. But the answer to the question of how and with which to create a website, is not so obvious. Let's see what opportunities exist and what their pros and cons. 1.Sayt programmed manually. This is for the 2010 version obsolete.

The site, created in this way requires a lot of time to change, and consequently expensive to maintain. 2.Konstruktory sites. This program installs on your computer. A good designer can collect a site from the images and texts. You simply arrange them in the right places with the mouse. Design may vary for each page or ask for the entire site. Accommodation Site on the Internet by pressing a single button. If necessary, the site added to the tools – feedback forms, surveys, galleries, etc.

Perfect embodiment of this philosophy is the website builder Saytkraft. 3.Sistemy cms or cms. These are programs that are installed on the server host, ie on the computer where you rent space for your site. Work with the management system, after its installation and configuration is often limited to filling necessary fields. With this may well meet anyone familiar with the computer. But first, the system will need to install and configure. This option is ideal for frequently updated sites, online stores with great range. Even if the management system for free, this option is more expensive website builder for the cost of hosting costs and to attract professionals or independent study. Site created by website builder – it's fastest and least costly option.


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