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Content Management Systems

February 22nd, 2014

For a good functioning, the Joomla requires PHP turns the 5,0 or superior, server web Apache9 and data base MySQL10. These veis resources must be disponi and duly configured in the server who lodges the site of the UFFS.

With the SGW functioning perfectly, and possi vel to develop the components that fara the part of the functionality, as menus, navegac’ to and organizac’ to the one of the Par ginas. The lateral and superior menus, that of the o access to the main ones conteu of the ones of the site and the mante organized m, gain integrac’ to the system of gesta of it conteu of. Of this form the item (links) of the menus can be managed atrave s of the system. Apare ncia of the Par ginas was based on the appearance of the logomarca of instituic’ to. Tones of green to define the reas in prominence had been used in harmony with a source adjusted for the reading of the text. The program responsa vel for utilizac’ to the one of the languages of programac’ to and the development of the components of the site it was the Adobe Dreamweaver11 CS5, that and I read to give in the branch. The supreme ficos (images) used in design and layout of the site had been produced and edited with auxi lio of software Adobe Photoshop12 CS5, guaranteeing the praticidade and quality of the work..


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