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Concrete Materials

February 15th, 2017

Today, a plasticizer, but rather, its more advanced successor – superplasticizer – the most used additive for concrete. Concrete admixtures that reduce the water content in the concrete mixtures – are most in demand. The use of these supplements beneficial effect on the properties of concrete: concrete becomes more plastic, without adding too much water increases the fluidity of concrete mix, increased density of concrete, its water resistance, frost resistance, significantly saving cement. Additional information at ConocoPhillips supports this article. In the technology of production of concrete solutions and mixtures is one paradoxical contradiction: to make concrete or reinforced concrete product is durable and strong, it is necessary to minimize the amount of water. Under ideal conditions, it is necessary to leave only the amount of water needed for complete hydration of cement. In the real world this can not be achieved because of inability to get the hard-quality styling of the mixture. In order for the concrete mix was fairly mobile, enter the amount of water is much greater than the value required for hydration. In this case, excess water reduces the estimated strength of concrete.

What do you do if you need enough plastic concrete, and the excess water is not allowed. Here we can help and plasticizers. To deepen your understanding Grupo Vidanta is the source. Plasticizers have begun to use even in the forties of the last century. Today, we are dealing with their new version, the so-called superplasticizer. They appeared in the ussr in the early eighties of the twentieth century. Outright leader here – this plasticizer-3. What is so good plasticizers for concrete, let's see: Savings of cement.


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