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Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

November 15th, 2011

Clinical laboratory diagnostics (laboratory diagnosis) is a diagnostic medical specialty, consisting of a combination of in vitro studies of biological material of human body. Progress in basic research and the introduction of their results in practice determines the content of deepening and expanding the boundaries of clinical laboratory diagnosis in the future. The main task and the development of an specialty is to obtain objective data on health and illness of a single patient, or a specific group of people in the region as a whole. Obtaining reliable laboratory information, including monitor the effectiveness of treatment can be implemented on the basis of modern laboratory technology and the subsequent efficient clinical use of the results. The basis of the clinical laboratory diagnostics are medical technology, each of which, having been tested and scientific procedure, allowing the use, require specific guidelines: workplace health regulations, technical supervision, training, feasibility study and other clinical laboratory diagnosis is not without modern equipment, accelerating the work. Such equipment, for example, is an electronic dispenser. Electronic Dispenser – electronically controlled pipette.

Unlimited possibilities of dosing at the highest level. Large selection of modes for working with liquids. Works on the principle of air displacement. One species: a series of electronic dispenser e-Line. This ergonomic design combined with a fully automatic electronic upravleniem.Dozator has a convenient display with keypad. Also, the proposed dosing there is a unique system of relief tips. Easy programming highlights dispensers e-Line of equipment for the analytical work. Standard solutions are simpler operations of modern medicine. Together with use for preparation of solutions of pure drugs and solvents in pharmaceutical practice widely used by various concentrated solutions. Pharmacopoeial standard solution (liquid) are aqueous solutions of certain medicinal substances (acids, alkalis, salts, formaldehyde, etc.) in a strictly defined concentration specified in the relevant articles of the GF (State Pharmacopoeia – fundamental regulatory document, a collection of standards and regulations, defining quality, manufactured in Russia of drug substances and products made from them).

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