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Bryansk Server Properties

May 14th, 2017

In May 2009, in our system have begun to include builders, first became a construction company LLC “Creator”, for SKF them of ‘Comfort’, LLC “DAR-Story”, LLC “Domostroy” – are organizations that have now begun work on a new and emerging technologies in the system multilistinga. For construction companies online real estate Bryansk – Bryansk Server Properties placement service is available all the information about the builder (company’s history, photographic material and the characteristics of the objects handed over, the publication of project returns, placement of floor layouts of all the objects building a database with the layout of each apartment) 6. June 12, 2009 has been radically redesigned the site structure and property of Bryansk – Bryansk Server Properties old design already existed long ago, the site posed priority informative and relevant information. The modified design of the site has received many positive responses from clients, realtors and developers and Bryansk in Russia.

They noted correspondence Website modern technology. 7. In June 2009, in our system have begun to include contractors, became the first company LLC “CONTACT SERVICE”, they are professionally engaged in electrical works on construction sites Bryansk, and those apartments that they have successfully advertise in the presence of a uniform system of real estate. 8. On July 1, 2009 for the first time in real estate Bryansk, we started to offer the service VIRTUAL TOURS of real estate . Now, if you have an apartment in Bryansk and Bryansk region Bryansk house and the Bryansk region, land in Bryansk and Bryansk region, commercial real estate in Bryansk and Bryansk region, you want to benefit sell and show all the best qualities of the property and stunning views around it. Our specialist to take photographs and applying the latest technology makes the Virtual Tour for an apartment, house, land, commercial real estate in Bryansk and Bryansk region. 9.

Since 2009, we invite all interested real estate agencies, developers, working with us their addresses on the Internet (www.name.brsn.ru). Today it is the Builders – LLC “CREATOR” (Www.tvorec.brsn.ru), GFR of ‘Comfort’ (www.komfort.brsn.ru), LLC “DAR-STORY (www.dar-stroi.brsn.ru), LLC “Domostroy (www. domostroi.brsn.ru), Real Estate Agencies – “Bryansk Housing Bureau (www.bjb.brsn.ru), Dialogue (www.dialog.brsn.ru), Sagittarius (www.strelec.brsn.ru) “Themis (www.femida.brsn.ru), ‘Garant +’ (www.garant.brsn.ru), ‘Our House’ (www.nashdom.brsn.ru), ‘Rielkom’ (www.rielkom. brsn.ru), ‘Presumption’ (Www.etalon.brsn.ru), ‘MEGAKAPITAL’ (www.megakapital.brsn.ru), ‘Russian House Property’ (www.rdn.brsn.ru), ‘Zhilservis’ (www.jilservis.brsn.ru) ‘The area of change’ (www.tp.brsn.ru), ‘Bryansk real estate’ (www.ban.brsn.ru), ‘dominant’ (www.dominanta.brsn.ru), Real Estate + (www. nedvig.brsn.ru). We work for you! And we are pleased to continue to joint cooperation in the development and establishment of multilistinga Bryansk! Source: Real Estate Bryansk – Bryansk server estate – author: Anatoliy and Natasha Shutyuk.

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