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Brazilian Education

March 31st, 2012

Summary: this article if considers to argue where they consist educational the Brazilian system and its problems. The text points paradigms, taboos, a time that the educative project propagates a man image and of world that if it desires to reach or to form. Therefore, to speak of educational system implies in considering that it is articulated the construction of a society project and of citizenship CURRENT SCENE EDUCAIONAL Currently the Brazilian education comes suffering with the technological changes, therefore exists taboos that they inside need to be broken of each educator, first and more the notable : Traditionalism the professor if accomodates in its chair, the chalk passes the content using, or a monlogo, clarifying verbal speech, after the lesson the pupil goes for the full house of doubts and activities that they need to be answered to be evaluated its learning. To detail the other problems better I will use given and commentaries of a research carried through in the Internet and educational sources: pertaining to school evasion, interdisciplinaridade, ead, work, formation..


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