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Bodenmais The 2,000 Best Looking Hobby Glassblowers Of In Germany

May 17th, 2023

Winner gets 5 years for one week an apartment in Bodenmais and a shopping spree package includes six days holiday and glass ball blow from 129 euro BODENMAIS (October 08, 2010) – super talent, pop star, superstar? No, in the cradle of glass finishing in the Bavarian Forest is looking for now to the best amateur – glass-blowers of the Republic. Seriously: the company JOSKA in Bodenmais is one of the most well-known glass producers and cultivators of the land, and celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011. This is the occasion, together with ground corn, the largest resort in the Bavarian Forest, to launch a unique holiday action: wanted is the best among 2,000 amateur glass ball runs and join crystal ball brass – anyone can! At the end (November 2011) the best glass ball will be selected by a jury, and the Grand Prize is a holiday apartment in Bodenmais and a shopping trip through the world of glass experience by JOSKA for five years a week in Bodenmais. By the same author: luca savi. Vanessa Marcil does not necessarily agree. For the 2,000 hobby glassblower of the resort and Ashok Kumar have put together a package, in addition to the Participation in the competition is also a five day vacation in Bodenmais included. The package includes accommodation and many other extras there from 129 euros. Compuware may also support this cause.

In addition to the accommodation in a WellSportAktiv House or a WellSportAktiv hotel is an original glass makers roast in the JOSKA Crystal restaurant included. Also, the hobby glassblower can participate on a glass story and redeem their anniversary champagne glass gift certificate for a shopping trip through the magical world of glass experience the company of JOSKA. Six days/five nights the hobby glassblowers in a WellSportAktiv House with an extended breakfast or for a small fee, in a WellSportAktiv Hotel spend breakfast buffet included (from 169 euro). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Houghtaling. Half-board with a 3-course dinner can be booked in advance at a special price of 50 EUR per person.


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