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August Shopping

January 2nd, 2016

Among the largest shopping mall of course it should be noted "Capital", the total area of 32,000 square meters. m. Rental rate is between $ 350 to 2040 per square meter. meter per year. Also attracted the attention of mall tenants alnas that Kuibyshev Street. Rent apartment. meters will cost from $ 450 up to 2200 per year. Slightly lower rent in the mall "Seven Fridays (from $ 450 to 730).

Penza In September 2007, London Consulting & Management Company lcmc completed a study of commercial real estate in Penza in the segment of trade and shopping centers, whose goal was to assess the feasibility of construction of high-quality shopping center that meets the current needs of the city's economy. Development of the market shopping malls in Penza is fairly uniformly and consistently, and, as noted experts lcmc, it is directed towards increasing the share of supply of quality retail space in the overall structure of the construction of new facilities. The largest volume of input space in shopping malls in Penza was awarded in 2006 year, it amounted to 23,400 square meters. m. In the period from January to early August 2007 was commissioned 2 shopping center (TOC "Passage" and hypermarket "Eldorado") of the total retail space 14,164 square meters. am gradually beginning to emerge in such trade formats, like shopping centers and hypermarkets. What's the outlook for the market over the next several years, the beginning of 2008 in Penza is scheduled to open four more malls.


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