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Atomic Energy

May 6th, 2016

?The severe earthquake of 8.9 on the Richter scale that has befallen Japan has put in check the greatest experts in Atomic Energy due to damages suffered in several Central nuclear in Japan. Infrastructure of power stations have been severely damaged both by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that ravaged the coast of Japan, moment in which many countries have returned to look towards renewable energies, and the future role that can play on our planet. At the time of the earthquake, the central Fukushima suffered various damages that affected power supply cooling nuclear reactors therefore proceeded to stop them, however, the core temperature was very high by what triggered diesel engines to continue pumping water and prevent the core temperature continue to rise and cause a nuclear meltdown. Unfortunately, the earthquake also had affected diesel engines so the water supply stopped working and part of one of the cores is It was merged. In another reactor, given the amount of pressure that had proceeded to release steam (with high levels of hydrogen) into the outer containment compartment to avoid damage to the vessel (internal protection of concrete and steel) containing the reactor and this caused a deflagration to join with the existing oxygen there. The only existing solution is continuously pumping seawater to the core to prevent this merged and provokes a nuclear catastrophe. For, unfortunately, there have been several explosions and one of them Yes has affected the internal walls of one of the reactors causing a small leak of radiation. They are critical moments that make us rethink them the safety of nuclear energy and the level of sustainability that we currently have with our planet, given that a nuclear disaster of this kind can convert any part of the planet into a desert unfit for anything for hundreds of years.. .


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