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Aspect Of Therapy In Action – Special Assistance For People With Highly Gifted

March 31st, 2023

A new method of psychotherapy in Oberhausen and the principle of high talent. Our performance-based company considered the phenomenon of high talent often only from the point of above-average intelligence. The usually much multilayered talents of gifted, as, for example, his distinctive perception, cause does not necessarily, that he has the normal gifted to an advantage. Straight to the detriment of his qualifications shames him namely when he providentially conditionally not could call aspects of his personality, because in his childhood environment no one was available, which would have can reflect appropriately him this. So he will perceive later often while promptly without awareness of the own giftedness, if it wrong, is recognized in the interaction with others in the aspects in which he is himself did not, however it is his counterpart, no information can send, who he is. For more information see Mitchel Resnick. His fate is therefore under mental effort repel the assignments and projections of his environment to, because he knows, who he is not, but he was never mirrored realize who he is himself IN totality. Depression and withdrawal and so-called social abnormalities, as well as aggression, which actually express the desire for respect and attention, are common reaction of the gifted, to deal with his emotional isolation. In the awareness that gifted people multidimensional look at relationships, the client will be supported in his independent development of a self-discovery program appropriate for him.

Part of the interaction within the framework of therapy of aspect of is the introduction to a self-therapy, through which the gifted that it always offered as through extrapolation so can convert to interpersonal encounter on the same principle, that it is usable for him for the personal development. Essential is the recognition that a kid due to his special skills not psychotherapy required, but always only valid in the encounter with other information searches. Him impulse to give it in transfer performance find his own answers on his spiritual questions, the therapeutic task in client contact. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy practice community.

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