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AP Validation Management

January 19th, 2014

The processes are delineated by ISO/IEC 15504-2 and displaying the intentions and final results of the execution. The capacity is related with the attendance of the attributes of process of each level of maturity. To detect the level of maturity of an organization allows to foresee its future performance when executing one or more processes. The MPS.BR divides in setenveis of maturity of a G, as Figure 2 above. The process if initiates of the G until the level. each one of these levels foca the organization in the processes for improvement and, taking care of to the intentions and attributes of the level, it can be advanced for the next one. How much to the capacity, the more the organization it evolves in the maturity levels, a bigger level of capacity to play the process must be reached by the organization. Being the accumulating levels of maturity, if the organization is in the level F.


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