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Alternative Xperience

September 24th, 2013

The company, an expert in original leisure activities, committed to quality and continuous improvement to deliver better service to their customers. With more quality, more emotions, new Visual effects and more spectacular, Alternative Xperience has remodeled and improved its survival activity. After a few months of intense work activity of survival continues to maintain the ingredients that have made enjoy hundreds of people since its inception more than one year ago. A very active activity in privileged natural surroundings as it is Sierra Norte de Madrid, learning basic skills and tricks of survival and an argument that it envelops everything giving a meaning to the activity. The story begins after the crash of flight 5210, a modern plane crashed under mysterious circumstances. From that single moment there are two priorities, to survive and to find out what happened with the flight 5210.

Among the most noteworthy changes, the greater role of participants, who now have individual missions to fulfill. It also renews the space. How I couldn’t be otherwise, in the countryside, but in a more controlled manner. Now the activity is carried out in a closed farm which allows greater accessibility. Renew and innovate two of the basic principles of Alternative Xperience, are highlighted in this adventure that becomes an alternative to convert any Saturday in something different and original.

Alternative Xperience stands out as an important organizer of events, and among them it is worth highlighting the significant growth that has been experienced in the field of the original stag. Many groups rely on Alternative Xperience looking for an effective organization of farewells and above all very different to the current proposals. Flight 5210, is presented as one of the most fun and different alternatives to celebrate Bachelor Bachelor or bachelorette parties. And also a good price, because doing the activity on the dates proposed by the company, activity including corresponding insurance, specialized monitors, a snack and tons of fun, they claim on their website Web, cuesta 49. The next proposed dates are June 27 and July 4.


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