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Administration Sciences

November 21st, 2021
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Then the man appeals to science; that is to the objective and rational description of the universe. To be able to manipulate the phenomena it is necessary to know where circumstances if produce; therefore he urges to describe them adequately. Ademais if requires of what the description is objective; that is separate of our immediate perceptions, as well as of our damages, gostos, ideas religious politics or, etc. Equally it is requirement that this description is rational; or, what the same and it is systematically based on a logical reasoning. The scientist perceives what she occurs in the universe, can imagine or think that the phenomenon occurs under such or which circumstances; he establishes explanations temptations, assumptions and he treats after obtaining that these circumstances if repeat to the end to determine if occurs or not it phenomenon in question.

Therefore, the process by means of which goes structuralizing it science is not chaotic or accidental seno, for the opposite he requires of a series of carried through steps of systematic and careful form. Diverse steps can be applied for such study, as well as the elaboration of a monograph or a TCC of Administration of people the behavior is not seno another one of the phenomena that they occur in the universe. The man if of the account that its fellow creatures and he himself if lead of certain form (for example some people prefers to buy a product of mark X in place of mark Z; some others are fulfilled in its work and others etc.) and do not treat to know the causes of the diverse behaviors that observe, in order to propitiate those that consider positive and to prevent the appearance of the considered ones in negative form; for this, it can also appeal to the magic or science. It is useless to make question of that this last one only can lead the adequate results. Sciences of the behavior stumble frequently with bigger difficulties of what physical sciences. While you finish if they face the systems with entered minors, the first ones if dedicate to the study of systems with a bigger degree of opening, what it is equivalent to say that the factors influence that them are much more numerous. Therefore the systems studied for sciences of the behavior contain a bigger degree of uncertainty or, what it is the same, they are more probabilist than the systems of physical sciences; not obstante, diverse theoretical landmarks had been established that allow to understand the interchange between the systems, the subsystems and the suprasystems studied for sciences of the behavior, as well as the process of its insumos and the results of the same. The theoretical landmark will allow the administrator to perceive relations in the called system ' ' organizao' ' that in another way, they would pass inadvertent.