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Infantile Journalism

May 22nd, 2016
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This process is known that will suffer changes due to use from these miditicos instruments, with the use of Softwares Free in Radios WEB, generating a new vision in the education, the communication and the technology, therefore the use of these ways will provide new pedagogical looks in the education. Being thus, the necessary professor, together with the school and community, to interact in the pertaining to school process so that he can discover new processes of education through the communication and technologies, being constructed new strategies to be developed in the school during the execution of activities in classroom, therefore the appropriation of the knowledge, does not tend to happen exactly of spontaneous form using the technological ways, being necessary the work of orientation and intervention it professor. to the same conclusion. The use of Softwares Free represents in the school a principle of contribution, freedom and of development of new pedagogical strategies and citizens, we carssimos to the school, to the educators and the community, making possible the development of new pedagogical practical ideas and. References ARRUDA, Ana. Article ‘ ‘ Periodical for Children or Infantile Journalism?


Industrial Safety

May 21st, 2016
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In addressing the environmental problems of security is extremely important component of such as industrial safety. An important factor in industrial safety is the construction and implementation of effective stimulate practical action to prevent emergencies. Currently being implemented range of case studies aimed at developing procedures evaluation of the level of industrial safety, taking into account the interrelated factors of cost and reliability, the construction of individual elements and overall state of economic disaster. At the regional and the object level are the support system of industrial safety, which include economic models, methods and tools to ensure the vitality and industrial safe operation of complex technical systems. Among the most common in relation to the activities of enterprises in industrial safety should include such economic instruments as: – payment for risk, allocation risk – the redistribution risk – incentives to reduce the risk – a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of risk management. Economic mechanisms of industrial safety of the federal and territorial levels of government, used to solve the problems of population and territories from emergency situations, provide for planning, regulation and funding for security objects and territories. Effective form State regulation of industrial safety are the contract and license to use, construction, alteration of potentially dangerous objects, which lies between the investor or user object and executive bodies of the Russian Federation. Prominent role in solving the problems of regulation of industrial safety is an existing system in the country state of emergency insurance funds, combining federal emergency insurance fund, insurance fund of the Russian Federation, local self-government..


The GreenPeace

May 20th, 2016
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Reduce our energy consumption translates into a saving for the family or personal economy and contributes to reducing the emissions of GHG to the atmosphere. The GreenPeace guide on energy saving, mentions several actions and practices not to be part of a growing problem that is climate change. These practices range from the correct use of electrical appliances, lighting, water, waste, air conditioning and heating. He notes that spending on heating in a well insulated House saves 50 to 90% in a real reduction in CO2 emissions as well as household spending. To make more efficient the heating or air conditioning system: insulates your home; cover the cracks in ceilings, walls and floor (in that order) and avoid using foams containing harmful gases to the ozone layer: there are alternative insulating materials such as cellulose, which consists of recycled newsprint shortlisted and mixed with boricas salts of origin natural.

Its main characteristics of cellulose insulation are: thermal and acoustic protection for life. Energy saving in buildings. Economic savings for the constructor. Economic savings for the user of the property, reduction of expenses on invoices. Thermal comfort. Contribution to ecology.

Recycled source material. Reducing emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Ease to use material in buildings in rehabilitation. Maximum utilization of the available surface. Characteristics of material safety: it is neither flammable nor toxic. Quality/price ratio. Very competitive price. It does not degrade with the passage of time. 6 C less on warmer summer evenings. The reduction of inputs of heat or cold, increases the feeling of comfort and creates a healthy environmental climate.


Wind Energy

May 19th, 2016
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For the wind energy fall the cube with the election in the subsequent amendment of the EEG new what moves? As if there were two contrasting developments, which currently controlled the wind energy in Germany. The directions, which beat a federal and State level, work in opposite directions. By the Bundesverband WindEnergie planned Symposium in inland wind energy directly two days after exactly this situation wants to shed light on the election. So pay cuts and a more accelerated, threatening at the forthcoming amendment of the EEG but why not better paid direct marketing. Right to Projektierer significant financing challenges to be. At the same time, we observe a noticeable advance of wind energy development at the country level. Ambitious climate protection targets are achieved and the own SMEs strengthened. Here, especially Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia are worth highlighting.

The State of Bavaria with a land development plan aligned to significant expansion is due to the recent Rather hard put distance requirements and the new approach to nuclear power. What does this mean for the Windprojektierer? What conditions can they put on 2014 in the areas of compensation, conservation, planning and air traffic? The BWE symposium provides wind energy in inland with practical examples of planners, utility companies and municipalities, information and suggestions. The federal compensation regulation, which governs compensation schemes for interventions in the nature will bring changes. A replacement fee is charged for changes of the landscape. For interventions in the nature, the value of nature itself must be recorded and evaluated. A relief for all developers is that there is a nationwide uniform arrangements. But the determination of compensation needs and setting of compensation and replacement immediately without friction in practice can occur, the extent to which must be seen yet. Increasingly, a patient will be the economic participation of municipalities in wind energy projects.

Background is the growing interest by cities and municipalities, Energy companies to use the purpose of the use of renewable energy. Legally this is not trivial regulations give a variety of complex requirements. The wind energy industry aims, that here is no tough competition situation developing, but that the leasing of land and the operation of wind energy facilities for the benefit of all stakeholders are local authorities, operators, public utilities, Planner. A still hot issue is the development of lease heights. This has now experienced a great media attention and an important argumentative role in the political operation. That the lease heights however amendment will have a massive change due to the upcoming EEG, is on hand. Target the orchestrated by the Bundesverband WindEnergie Symposium inland wind energy is, together with such as operators, utility companies, to get an overview of expansion potential communities and planners of wind energy in the inland and experiences and future possibilities of cooperation discuss. Conference wind energy in the Inland date: 24-25 September 2013 place: Hanover the Bundesverband WindEnergie regular networking and educational forums on current topics of wind energy performs. Information about the registration and the complete event program of the BWE, see events contact: Thorsten Paulsen, head of events & corporate publishing Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. service hotline: 030 / 20-164-222 E-Mail:


Renewable Energy Sources

May 16th, 2016
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The energy consumption in all armierender way increases around the world. The energy consumption in all armierender way increases around the world. Thanks to this development is the growing industrialization and the ever increasing demands of consumers. Unfortunately, this leads to a rapid degradation of raw materials, which are more expensive to a great extent. As a result of this loss of valuable raw materials, more and more people are looking for alternative solutions, such as the use of natural, renewable sources of energy. Now, we want to take a look at the pros and cons of green energy. In certain countries, already renewable energies are used to produce electricity. This development is positive and bring new jobs with it.

Benefit also the economic aspect: the tourist industry can on areas stretching, which can be powered by green energy. Because depend on natural energy sources of the weather, it is difficult to foresee how much electricity per day can be produced. It is therefore advantage, the excess energy on favorable days in batteries to store in order to be able to use them on less busy days. Did you know that wind energy is one of the oldest sources of energy? In early times, the wind was converted into energy to power ships. Today wind is used mainly for electricity production; It is one of the strongest renewable energy sources. Wind energy is never polluting effect on the environment, and so also have no negative impact on climate change.

In addition, it is noted that a 1 MW wind turbine can save you approximately 2000 tons of Kohlenndioxid annually. Wind energy is present in large quantities and can produce five times more energy than the world can consume. Another advantage of wind and solar energy is that almost everyone is capable to install such a system. You can provide your home with these energy sources. Doesn’t take a genius, to make such facilities. The Internet offers a variety of instructions, how to deal with renewable energy can stock up. Imagine no longer to be burdened by power outages! Both wind be always cost-effective as solar energy, plants are better quality and cost-friendly. Wind power farms and solar power farms exist today in several countries. With the electricity thus generated, they are independent from the local power plant.

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Mobile Energy Efficiency

May 16th, 2016
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On the subject of Green IT focus was long on the location-based data centers and desktop computer. On the issue of ‘Green IT’ focus was long on the location-based data centers and desktop computer. That almost every citizen, especially but also the employees in the company, must be now always available, something out of sight was doing. Each phone, each tablet is a mobile computer, its operating requires energy consumed in particular but also rare raw materials today. Apply every minute around the world already 75 tons of electronic waste from such applications, the energy consumption of a mobile communication is recognized as hardly anywhere.

That almost every citizen, especially but also the employees in the company, must be now always available, something out of sight was doing. Each phone, each tablet is a mobile computer, its operating requires energy consumed in particular but also rare raw materials today. Every minute worldwide already 75 tons of electronic waste from such applications are, the energy consumption of a mobile Communication is recognised almost anywhere. The Green IT discussion consequently now reached the ‘mobile communication structure’ of companies and individuals. Durable solutions and energy-efficient approaches are increasingly also demand: Unified Messaging or unified communication & collaboration (UCC), fixed mobile convergence (FMC), desktop conferencing or voice-over IP – these are key words in the debate increasingly incorporated the themes of sustainability and Green IT. Because the network is operated only with power…

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Universal Energy

May 16th, 2016
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Although many philosophies to praise the opposite, have that to say something here that can dislike many: the life must be full, happy, prosperous, glad, pleasant and repleta of accomplishments. Yes reading friend! The fullness is its natural condition. So that this occurs, an energy realinhamento is enough to its true essential nature. You only need to make this so that all the good things to freely circulate pass it in its life. Obviously, you will not be able to enter in the cosmic frequency being working against the natural evolution of the Universe.

Then, the first step is to start to generate now, noble feelings. Of this form, you it will be giving the necessary steps for the creation of a full conscience more raised of love joy and peace, in alignment with the universal flow. You must look for to center the focus of its attention in the good, the growth, the pleasure, the joy and the happiness that are the livened up states of the Universal Energy in action. He searchs the unit instead of separation, harmony instead of conflict, love instead of hatred, joy instead of sadness. This is not to an utopia or a fantastic idealismo, but about basic necessities for the true life, idealized for the Creator of all the things. Pass to see the side good of all the things, looking for enxergar beyond the appearances.

It looks for to see its fellow creatures with good eyes, knowing that what you see in excessively reflects a part essential of its proper reality. You – and not them others – are the true source of all its problems. But this is not bad, since changing itself exactly, it will become into the source of all its solutions. It erases the philosophy from that the external threat runs away total from its control and pass to believe in the possibility of that its internal force is stronger than the world.



May 15th, 2016
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. SunEnergy, the leading company in Spain in installation of systems for production of electricity and air conditioning by applying technological solutions based on renewable energies, has just opened its headquarters in Portugal to start the expansion of their delegations throughout the country. A premiere that has had the protagonist to the town of Aveiro, enclave that from now on, will be a strategic point for the Iberian company. Portugal, by the market that has been created with the new regulation applied to renewable energy, is the place fitfor provide entrepreneurs so wish a professional output with a great future and high remuneration, explains Jana Peiro Rees, the head of Marketing & Expansion of the Central EU SunEnergy. An investor with a lot view opportunity that Alexandre Batista, Director of the Portuguese central has been very clear. I decided to bet porSunEnergy and invest in constitute the master franchise because in Spain is the best example of company that offers solutions investment based on renewable energies and which has conducted more such facilities. You just have to see more than 350 installations of renewable energy which has led. With these data and the solidity of a pioneering and highly skilled, was difficult to resist a business that will serve them in array.

With this opening with flavour to fado, SunEnergy starts its expansion in the neighbouring country where expected to continue to grow through franchising scheme.This first Office is only the first step of an ambitious plan that we are confident will continue to increase in the future in the short term since Portugal is a mature country, and one of leaders of the EU flag for the year 2015 45% of electrical energy produced come from renewable sources. Filed under: Dry Harbor Nursing Home. To this must be added that boasts the largest plant of solar energy in the world, ends Peiro. Who is SunEnergy SunEnergy is the business group in the sector of renewable energies with a greater presence in Spain which has a network of more than 30 branches scattered throughout the national territory. The main activity of SunEnergy is to implement clean and efficient energy systems that involve a highly profitable economic investment for their clients and that also contribute to preserving the environment. The network of delegations SunEnergy clients are small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and public administrations.

In 2008 SunEnergy conducted more than 350 installations of renewable energy, becoming the first Spanish company in number of such facilities. Throughout the year 2009 SunEnergy has managed to consolidate the leadership of its promoter Solar photovoltaic plants on roofs, developing more than 8 MW amounting to approximately EUR 28 million, and with prospects for the 2010 promote another 12 MW for an amount of EUR 42 million. Sage Communication Press Office and RR.PP for the management of interviews, the expansion of information or shipping of graphic material do not hesitate to contact us.


Translator World Online

May 14th, 2016
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The translator world is an Internet tool that will help you to read texts that are in languages that you do not understand. For this reason, it is that the virtual field is so moved with the topic of translations. There are now many methods that assist you in the discernment of foreign words. These modalities that are quite appreciated however not come to perfection. The world as other methods in this class tend to translate verbatim texts that will give. We must thank that anyway these grants facilitate us much work having to be in the uncertainty of knowing what we are told. As many of its options, the world works in a very simple way.

First, choose a certain language than that of origin. Then you choose a target language, we click a button special and ready: the work is done. When it’s long texts or that we really need them with some urgency, perhaps better that we contract to a person who performs as a professional translator. But in the case of that lot is the haste and that we do not know someone who can help us in this sense, the world certainly is a very good choice. It is logical that the online translators develop increasingly. There are reports that otherwise we could not know without the help of these programs. Similarly, if we have a web page or multiple web pages and need the content to be translated into other languages, because these are very interesting tools.

The world can use from their official website and has a very affordable presentation system. So in no way is a task that is very difficult to assimilate or something of the style. What is more, is so easy to use that even children can enjoy this great opportunity. It is clear that these web translators can help encourage the taste for different languages. Thus, increasingly there are people who decide to be multilingual from the use of these, in part, revolutionary methods. The world also has a very suitable name for the service provided. The world is huge, most of what we believe, and we can be more closely than certain faraway places thanks to the discernment of some languages in particular. What good is knowing that we can count on a tool that is at hand whenever we need it. That Yes, clarify that we cannot expect perfection or an impressive part of synchronism. It obviously has its limitations, but it always meets its objective in a very interesting way. It is also a strategy that can be recommended to others. If you know someone who need many translations to and from several languages, you can tell that the world is on the Internet. Peaceful, quiet; It is not a phrase of drawer. It is a reality that you can use either your favor. Reference:

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Lebanese Syria Hospital

May 13th, 2016
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The Venezuelan president will be taken care of in the Lebanese Syria Hospital of Sao Paulo, a clinic deprived of rrencia in oncology. The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, were cured of a cancer in the same center. The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, accepted to be put under a medical treatment against the cancer in Brazil, according to informed east Thursday the digital edition into the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. According to the metropolitan newspaper, that does not mention sources, Chvez would travel in the next days to Brazil to be taken care of in the Lebanese Syria Hospital of Sao Paulo, a deprived clinical center of rrencia in oncology, where Brazilian and foreign authorities and politicians usually treat. The hospital abstained to confirm if Chvez will become a treatment in that center, whereas the Ministry of Outer Relations of Brazil indicated that " desconoce" the answer of the Venezuelan agent chief executive to the offer that in that sense to him the Government did. Wednesday, Chvez said in Caracas that the doctors do not discard that in a future one " third etapa" of their treatment to x-ray or chemotherapy for &quot is applied to him; to attack duro" what can be of the cancer del that was operated recently in Cuba. " Perhaps thirdly (of treatment) the application of all the methods that are known () could be x-ray or chemotherapy to attack hard, with cavalry will be required, any latent possibility that there is all" , Chvez in an interview by telephone said to an official channel of television.

Offer of Roussef state Brazil Agency informed east Thursday into which the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, hope an answer of Chvez to manage the details of the treatment in Brazil. Chvez, next to fulfill 57 years, had been thankful for him the past week by telephone to Rousseff the offer to treat in Brazil and it commented to him that " evaluara" the supply. In the Lebanese Syria Hospital the president was taken care of the past year Paraguayan, Fernando Lugo, to whom the doctors dealed with a cancer successfully lymphatic, and also it was cured of the same Rousseff disease in 2009, when still she was minister of the previous Government. In the hands of the doctors of the Lebanese Syrian also Jose Alencar was the Brazilian exvicepresidente, who died in April last after being taken care of during 13 years of a stomach cancer. Source of the news: Chvez will be put under in Brazil a treatment against its cancer.