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Quality Management Systems

March 28th, 2011
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Certification of management systems appeared in our country, by analogy with many foreign countries. The main task of these systems to streamline the enterprise (company or firm), by optimizing the structures and work processes. In addition to this function certification of management systems is a strong image-load. Quality management systems certification to iso suggests under the Russian company international standards and its ability to work in the international market. Certification of management systems aimed at the organizational aspect of the enterprise on its activities. This type of certification is not aimed at concrete products, and the company's activities in general.

The existence of a certified management system can serve as a guarantee of commitment to the services and products of good quality, made by organization. The process of certification of quality management rather laborious and require special documentation now. The certification process is accepted to subdivide into several basic steps: design, documentation, implementation and certification. At the design stage of management systems to determine standards, planned for use in the enterprise. Then, the identification and ordering processes involved to standards and certification. Also at the design stage determine the methods for evaluating the effectiveness of implemented changes. At the stage of documentation management systems are making regulatory and institutional framework, which will specify the requirements described criteria for assessing achievement of results and efficiency. During the implementation phase designed quality management system tested. And the last step is the certification of management systems designed by the company authorized bodies.



March 18th, 2011
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Increase the engine power can be a variety of ways – installing the new engine management systems (ECU), the change of working volume (cylinder bore), revised cylinder heads (by changing the length of the rods), migration valve timing, intake and exhaust systems, fuel and other challenging operations. And you can increase the amount of fuel – air mixture in the engine cylinders. But experience shows that all the tuning operation should be carried out comprehensively. Since, changing some parameters of the engine, we will immediately increase the load on other nodes. But most importantly to tuning should be approached intelligently and with professionalism. Pressurization exists two types – natural and with the help of blowers (compressors). If the first is too "weak" increases cylinder filling for tuning technology, the blowers are often used to increase the "horses" under the hood. The compressor of any type – is a separate unit which forcibly supplies air to the engine cylinders, thus improving its treatment and improves the quality of the working mixture.

One part of the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust system of the engine and driven by the energy of the exhaust gases of the engine, while the second part of the intake system. Forced air passes through a pipe through the intercooler (internal air cooler) intake collector, getting into the combustion chamber. Intercooler is used to in the hottest time of year, the amount of air entering the intake manifold volume was equal to the amount of air in the cold season.


Land Management

March 6th, 2011
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In this case, the law does not regulate the relations to rectify these shortcomings, including not govern the procedure for eliminating "defects" Land is not defined powers of the bodies in charge of the respective plots of land and bodies are obliged to monitor and detect in the course of it, similar violations. All this leads to inability to meet the legitimate interests of citizens-owners who are forced to endure inconvenience in the use of their land. Weaknesses in the arrangement of land (Overlapping of, , wedging, , affectation and inconvenience in use) by changing the boundaries of the land by acceding to the "inconvenient" (smaller in size minimum limit) of land. In land law, this procedure is called "ordering facility land." In connection with the objective impossibility of granting land in to correct deficiencies territorial land less than the minimum size limit is the procedure for granting, without changing its essence, changing its name to the procedure of changing the boundaries of land by acceding to the "problem" of land use. The existing legislative gap in legal regulation, has created a situation in which one side is not formally allowed to give out Public ownership of land by size smaller than the minimum limit, but on the other hand requires surgical removal of deficiencies land, forcing law enforcers to look for acceptable decisions, which sometimes does not always meet the requirement of formal legality.

Changing the boundaries of the land by the decision of the authorized authority, rendered on the basis of material land, evidence of the impossibility of providing land to the general procedure in view of its non minimum limit. In modern conditions, the function of territorial planning must be early date revised to take tough and unambiguous legal rules that define the possibility of planning policy only based on general solutions of the population respective territories. Maxim References: 1. ap Anisimov. Zoning urban and rural areas: types and legal significance / / Law and Economics. 2004. 6.

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