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XIX Energy

June 4th, 2016

Therefore it can be affirmed that it has extreme dependence of the people in relation to ' ' gold negro' '. 3,3 Society subordinated to the oil and the energy In the present time would be difficult to imagine as it would be an exempt reality of the energy consumption. This brings in sight a relation of dependence between the people and coveted ' ' gold negro' '. Our society depends on the oil. Since that this started to be used, in the ends of century XIX, as combustible, it each more important time took a paper.

Nowadays he is used to produce electricity, as combustible for the majority of the ways of transport and many domestic uses, to produce plastic, without which our society would be very different of we know as it. Any doubt does not exist of that the energy is of an extreme importance for our civilization. Of fact, can be said that all the economy is dependent of it, as already it was mentioned. Thus, it is natural that certain reactions of panic occur when is mentioned that the oil reserves are close to its end. The current reserves are enough to more than keep the current production during 40 years and the spare level of the reserves is sufficiently satisfactory.

The demand of the developed countries practically is contained to the current levels and it does not grow more in a direct relation with the growth of the GIP. However the energy dependence is the consequence of this picture, that its elements more than if complete to form them pillars of the globalization. 4 the FUTURE WITHOUT OIL What to make when the oil to deplete? She is one of the questions that guide the reason of the suitable people to its massivo consumption. The oil is a valuable resource, without which the modern life, as we know, would not be possible.


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