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Viral Marketing

May 26th, 2013

If you come up with a brilliant idea at any time just need to open the control panel of your blog and you can immediately incorporate their article. 2. You Separate design from content. The software used by Blogs are managed through database driven. This means you can switch your blog's template without affecting the content. Therefore you can immediately test different colors and designs to determine which are the favorites of visitors. 3. You will have a Web site search engine friendly.

The blog software allows you to generate search engine friendly pages important. The search engines love websites that are constantly updated. Sites that do not quickly receive new content search engines consider them unimportant. One of the main features of a blog is frequently updated so search engines will visit often. 4. You can create a content syndication on your blog using RSS.

The RSS allows you to publish articles simultaneously in different media by a fountain using the software from your blog. This means that every time you post something on your blog will create an RSS feed automatically. Which shall notify some of the larger web sites that carry these feeds and makes them available for syndication. This is a great method of "Viral Marketing" that can attract many visitors to your blog. 5. You Can Create Links In Popularity. You can gradually increase the ranking of your website on Google and other engines search, for which you need to generate lots of links to your website from your blog.


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