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The Samaritana

March 19th, 2014

The Samaritana sample that has knowledge of the Holy Writs, as well as us. But when Jesus if discloses for it, the wide woman its bucket and goes city to announce that the Messias was with it. The bucket of the Samaritana is for it what the heart is for us. When plays it to the soil is as it if it had played its heart, its life and its past is. The bucket was where it kept its water. Our heart is where we keep our feelings. We use our bucket to keep what we find. The Samaritana kept the backwater, salpa and without taste.

We know that a well does not exist alive water. Alive water is direct water of the source, of one spring. Who search water in a well never will drink alive water. Which samaritano you is? For which wells it has looked water? Which water you have drunk? Jesus only can give an alive water to you, it is only capable to saciar its headquarters, what as much looks for and what as much looks for to fill in its heart. The rich detail in this ticket. Which the hour that the woman was to search water? Half day.

Who already had that to search water in the well, it knows that nobody search water in this schedule. In general, the people at the beginning remove the water of the morning or to the end of the afternoon. The Samaritana even walked for the rejection of the city and to the half day, to search water, therefore it did not want to be seen, it did not want to be noticed and recognized. It lived running away from the people, therefore wise person who the life that led was not certain. It was a prostitute. Thus also ours in, we run away to the eyes of the people to saciar our headquarters in the wells of the life, but we do not obtain to run away to the look from that one that really knows in them. Jesus wants to give to it to drink, which will be its reply? Jesus this if offering you on this day, also offer you its life, its dreams, its joys, sadnesses and fears. He leaves it to give to the true alive water and you to you as well as the Samaritana, never more will have headquarters!


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