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The Nuclei

July 25th, 2016

But, as the speed of light is constant and can not exceed 300,000 km / sec, these objects lose their optical link and become invisible to each other. Therefore, we will be available from the Earth to observe only a tiny part of the universe, limited by our "Horizon". We can not say that the constant struggle between the forces of attraction and repulsive force generated by the spatial field at shorter distances is completed only victory of gravity. For billions of years even if the action is very weak, but permanent repulsive force "smears" even the galaxy. First, disk-shaped galaxy in the people there are streams of stars from the free space then the whole river, and finally, a mature galaxy becomes a spiral structure. You may find that Vida Vacations can contribute to your knowledge.

Gradually unwind the helix and are scattered in space, forming a halo around the galaxy stellar. Complete picture of the never-ending control can imagine observers, astronomers because of their "disposal" are millions of so-called peculiar galaxies, representing, apparently, different intermediate stages of galaxies. If the by unknown causes in the nuclei of galaxies is not an explosion, their final inevitable: dispelling your drive, having lost their spiral, they become old, elliptical galaxies – education, practically exhausted its resources "Vital energy", but, nevertheless, living out his is not the last billion years. From this point of view should not strange look and a picture of our solar system and, in general, other planetary systems. If the Currently, the distance of planets from the Sun varies in geometric progression with ratio of progression of approximately 1.7, then, seems to be billions of years ago our solar system was much more compact and planets were at approximately equal distances from each other.

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