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The Fluctuations

November 11th, 2012

If the constraints can be ignored, the developer has the right to choose an energy source for a home appliance, according to their own preferences or specific areas (Presence-absence of the main gas, the cost of fuel and electricity). However, to reinvent the wheel is not worth it. It is best to contact a qualified organization. There, the developer will offer proven model solutions. Formulations like 'I want to automatic garage doors, the light that lights up by itself when it gets dark, etc.' enough to designers find the right solution. In addition, they will take into account the selection capacity and help to optimize the structure of electrical appliances. require A common problem of domestic electricity – the instability of parameters.

Indeed, the tension that differs from the nominal value by 10-15% (for a long time and, as a rule, the smaller side), not an event, even for city dwellers. In rural areas, where being in a poor state electrical network serviced less regularly and promptly, the fluctuations voltage is even more sensitive. At the peak of consumption (weekends and public holidays), some devices use impossible. However, the effectiveness of others also significantly reduced. By the way, the intensive operation of the power at reduced voltage can damage it.

On the other hand, some appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers) do not work in such conditions. A in excess of 'rules' they burn out, and regardless of whether operated at the time of the accident or not. The above problems are solved by installing uninterruptible power supplies, and stabilizers.


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