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The Event

May 19th, 2017

Move the phone to correct flat: A very helpful tip to give a correct perspective to your photos is moves your phone considered put lens on the level of your goal, a flower, a cat, a child, so you can get an outlet from his plane, allowing your camera to achieve a better approach and your subject be the focus of attention of the socket. Isn’t the same, take a photograph of a child turning up and with a few little ones feet (due to the effect of perspective) a photo of the front of the child’s face smiling (if you knees can take the photo at its height), leverages the flexibility allowing your team and be flexible, don’t be your what limit to your team. Get closer: most cell phones use digital zoom, this means that they enlarge the image, they do not use a lens to zoom in, which causes that the pictures are distorted, to avoid this in your photographs, instead of using the digital zoom, get closer to your goal, leverages mobility your device allows you to and move to capture your subject in greater detail, as a rule, in the event that do not take the photograph of yourself using your arm, get close to one or two metres from your goal (in case if a person or object) and you will have good results in addition to give a personal touch to your images. Don’t you move: this is one of the points that does not depend on both the camera as the user, it is very important to keep the camera still, particularly in photographs taken at night, since the lens stays open longer for the low amount of light or that the zoom is used, it is much more sensitive to movements and vibrations of the handsat night it is advisable to make several shots to then choose which look best.


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