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The Energy

May 11th, 2016

The ideal is that the food ingestion is in balance with those three stages, so that the organism invests the smaller amount of energy in digestion it uses and it in other things like work, diversion, study, etc. The stage of food ingestion is of 1,00 p.m. to 9,00 p.m. assimilation, of 10,00 p.m. to 5,00 a.m.

and chemical decontamination, of 6,00 a.m. to 1,00 p.m. On the other hand, the foods must be mixed so that they facilitate the digestive process. The digestion of proteins it requires a process different from the one of starches. The proteins require an acid atmosphere to digest, while starches one alkaline. the organism can provide both atmospheres, but separately.For that reason, when proteins and starches in a food are mixed, the result is a bad digestion in the stomach, reason why the meat, if that is the case, happens without being digested to the intestine where it rots. Soon we complained colon cancer, diverticulosis and another evils. The ideal combinations for the ingestion process, Lunch, are: Mixture of proteins (meats, fish, birds, etc.) with vegetables, that are carbohydrates of very easy digestion, reason why the meat totally is processed in the stomach and when it happens to the intestine, it contributes all the nutrients and it is ready for the process of chemical decontamination or elimination.

The same happens with vegetables. For the lunch also vegetables with grains can be mixed. For example, when we have to the front an ethnic and flavorful Venezuelan plate like " pavilion with barandas" , (caraotas, rice, fried banana and desmechada meat) beforehand we know that we go a to have a terrible digestion and the organism is going to invest all the energy that it owns in digesting it, for that reason we felt heavy and without energy after ingesting a plate like that. The ideal in this case is to make a decision between two alternatives.To eat the meat with vegetables, or grains (caraotas) with the rice.


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