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Temporary Email

April 12th, 2017

According to a security report, the average spam in 2010 stood at 89.1%, due in large part to the frenetic activity of the botnets that have distributed several waves of spam. One of the main concerns with respect to email today, is the large amount of SPAM emails we receive. SPAM is unwanted email or spam (more info in the wikipedia). To avoid SPAM, the first thing that must be taken into account is well read conditions when we register on some sites. Why? In many websites (to say in almost all) when you register, usually an option, which is usually at the end, which says something like to receive promotions from this website or I allow my data to be provided to third parties.

Many of these sites give you the option to mark it or not using a check box. check similar to this: If gives it you option you must uncheck it, to avoid much SPAM. Many other websites do not give you the option and if you confirm registration on this website, it means that you accept these conditions. In the latter case you can not do much. One of the options is what we propose here, a temporary mailbox.Due to the amount of SPAM that is received today, have arisen many companies that have created mail hosting temporary, i.e. an e-mail address which is removed after a few minutes or hours with which you can register on a website, click the link to confirm your account (if this web requires it) and forget about SPAM as well. Some of the pages are: 10MinuteMail: just enter the site gives you an email 10 minutes. If you need more time alone you have to press the button gives me 10 minutes more and return to have 10 minutes.

You can press it many times as you want. To my the website that I like the most. Mailinator: on this website, put a name on the left, and press Go! you enter in your email. Mytrashmail: Solo have to put something where it says Temporary Email and click Get email. There are hundreds of websites of this kind. Temporary mail google search and you will find many more, although I’ll stick with 10minutemail, has very little publicity in relation to the others and is a very nice and easy to use website.In the event that you’re already receiving SPAM do that can you do?. Normally, commercial enterprises at the end of your emails include a link which usually does not desire to receive more emails advertising, unsubscribe from the newsletter or something, either the instructions to unsubscribe. Usually come written in very small print (not interested to see), but following the instructions, at least from this website, will not receive anything else. By doing this you can avoid many sources of spam.


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