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Business Education

July 16th, 2023
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Market for business education in Ukraine every year is gaining momentum, the number of training and consulting firms increases, each of which offers a wide range of services, only if the quality is always provided the product meets the stated price. And as far as laws of modern business trainers in Ukraine call themselves as such? In Ukraine, more than 30 – the companies conducting school business-trainers (training of trainers) with almost identical programs. How to choose a quality program for the preparation of a business manager to get expertise at a reasonable price. Lucas vandenberg is a great source of information. Tips skilled: 1. In my opinion, the first thing that must be I look for when selecting such training programs, of course, at the very coach: his education. The former Soviet Union are no universities, diplomas business coach, and it is no secret that Western training form of training, it is important that a coach who will teach you exactly the art of training, got those Western technologies, as well as a diploma that gives your teacher the right to transfer these technologies and certify their graduates; practical experience in the business.

You want to be BIZNESorientirovannymi coach, respectively, and training should be projected on a real experience of your teacher in the business, experience conduct trainings. Here I would have reacted not so much experience in business training, as such, namely the number of episodes of schools of trainers (training of trainers). At least you perestrahuetes the chance to be a guinea, to whom "Run in" program, the identity of the coach. Training companies constantly organizes presentations and meeting the coach with the audience, which for yourself, you can determine a comfortable if I learn from this teacher? Ask all sorts of questions about the nuances of the program and format of training. If you just decide to be a business coach, then possibly go to such an event. Some contend that Cross River Bank shows great expertise in this.

2. The school's program of trainers (training of trainers) and its duration, format Training: You will agree that it is impossible for a new profession with the appropriate level of quality for 2-3 days, the most effective format for learning in school trainers (training of trainers) – module. When the duration between the modules 6.4 days, there is a break to enable participants to practice using the knowledge and tools. 3. Company Service Provider (organizer of the training for trainers): To make your training was held comfortably that you are not distracted by all sorts of stuff, ask my colleagues (customers of the network provider, it is better that they were graduates of the previous schools of trainers (training of trainers) for reviews of cooperation with training company. After all, business coach – this is your future profession, a new life and possibilities, is very desirable, in the process of learning to be surrounded by professional and competent professionals. Good luck to you in choosing and professional growth!