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Meditation Trying

July 10th, 2013
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Over the years, I’ve maintained a fairly regular meditation routine, but in truth, I’ve always been a struggle to keep my internal chat quietly while meditating. I’ve used several simple techniques, such as focusing on breathing or watching a candle to help reduce interior monologue, but is still difficult for me (and has even been a source of small frustration). I really prefer yoga because I focus on my body helps me let me go, it allows me to rest more. But about three months ago I was introduced to the Silva life system, a system of dynamic meditation, that evolution has been positive in my practice of meditation. Background to provide some background information on the Silva life system which was developed by Jose Silva for more than 50 years. To develop their system, Jose Silva experimented much, based on their knowledge of electronics and psychology. She learned about alpha waves and electrical activity in the brain human and the hypothesis that the electrical impedance of the brain could be reduced to improve efficiency.

Silva found that the brain was more energetic when I was less active and discovered that at lower frequencies of the brain receives and stores more information. The dilemma of Silva was when he was trying to find a way to keep the mind alert in these frequencies more casualties, which are more associated to daydream and dream than with practical activity. To reach the lower levels of the brain, Silva developed exercises that require a relaxed concentration and vivid mental visualization, that eventually became an entire system of dynamic meditation. During the past 50 years, a series of studies about the Silva method has been made, and the results are quite remarkable. Evidence shows improvements in a number of areas, including health, relaxation, the control of the usual, own image, the level of excitement, and sleep.

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