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Invest In A New Company ?

November 10th, 2012
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When a person wants to invest in creating a new company you have questions like: Why should I invest in this business? How soon recover the money invested? "From that moment I begin to make a profit? How much is this risk of loss Entrepreneurship? Questions are just logical and that take a lot more substance when it raises the possibility of changing economic activity. Suggest to a farmer to invest in technological development, for example, generate attitude of suspicion. The farmer can look too risky "expose" their capital in a business that does not know, who dominates and who does not see immediate return on investment. Change a herd of computers, servers, platforms, programming languages, etc.. It has not be easy and much less when he finds out that you can not cash a check every 15 business days as a result.

However, if we take the example in reverse, a developer of new technologies will hardly make a bet investment in a herd of cattle. This is normal, human beings want to make us self, especially economically, is more for we have always taken out of necessity. But that does not, from any perspective, that societies, people can not change his business by taking advantage of development opportunities that generate the changes. At the end of the economy is the backbone of our global society. Each state, each nation legally constituted, has the infrastructure to benefit their own economic development. Organisations should collect statistical data to serve as a history and a platform for making decisions to give legal existence to the entrepreneurial initiatives, institutions for financial support, academic support institutions, etc.. Which facilitates the generation of businesses as entities of the aircraft engine production, trade and services, which in turn form the pillars of economic and social development of a country. The quantity and quality of the questions a new investor depend on greatly, the results showing in society across those agencies to provide entrepreneurs the tools for business development. If a Chamber of Commerce, a studio that used to learn the achievements of an activity then will confidence to invest in it and questions will be few and easier to answer.