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Professor Tollmann

August 21st, 2016
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And in a layer containing space particles and soot from the burnt remains of forests. With the help of isotope counters can be traced in the material consequences of a sharp rise in temperature, the effect of flash vaporization, the effect of long-term atmospheric eclipse, etc. Professor Tollmann hypothesized that the earth is faced with the impact of a comet, however, such a body could not cover the entire surface of the Earth, so scientists have argued that before the comet collision with Earth split into seven parts (in astronomical phenomenon known as comets are divided into several parts). The fact that parts of the comet was just seven, demonstrated the frequent repetition of this figure in the cosmogonic myths (which, incidentally, comet always portends catastrophe) Places where these seven fragments of the comet collided with Earth, Tollmanny identified, firstly, based on the legend of the red hot rain, and secondly, by analyzing the soil in areas where were those ktity (glass pellets of meteoritic origin) – for example, in Australia and islands in the Indian Ocean. Seven hit the ground caused an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude of many of the island (including Atlantis) disappeared under the water has increased, the volcanic activity. Forest fires burned huge tsunami – generated as a result of sudden crustal shifts high waves, moving at a speed of 400-800 km / h and reaching along the coasts hundred meter height – moved onto the continents Gone heavy rainfall, saturated with volcanic ash and suffocating gases. nta and gain more knowledge..