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The Wayuu Village: Energy Efficiency

December 6th, 2010
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This article was declared winner of the Energy Efficiency in the form of digital media on 28 August in Santa Marta (Colombia) Wayuu village: true example of energy efficiency by: Alejandro Martinez Rutto. It's four o'clock on a Monday in January and our vehicle moves through the dirt, rocks and dry grass back to the city. We have been for several days visiting a Wayuu community where we share great moments and we know some of the practices, traditions and customs of this village that clings to its identity to preserve the historical and cultural legacy accumulated over hundreds of years. We made good time and thanks to Julio, a chief pains to care for their children, nephews and other members of his kindred, we had access to the cemetery, the pen of goats, the lagoon, the dance of the Yonne, the preparation of beer and several family gatherings for which we had to make do with a few words we understood the language of ethnicity. After this wonderful experience in which we have passed one of the best holidays we love a bit more to this town that has resisted with courage all the time tests, violence and greed of the invaders has done. Even have overcome intense and prolonged droughts in some years has supported the region and they have been able to endure thanks to their patience, strength and style that is particular to address their daily lives. Wayuu Indians have always lived with scarcity and therefore have learned to make appropriate use of scarce resources. .