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ATVs Protect

March 25th, 2012
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If things start to steal, so they really stand. Among the vehicles are good and ATVs. Previously, very willingly drove cars, motorcycles, ATVs are now filled up this sad list. Consolation that the thing was good, pretty weak substitute your favorite. So, getting this ATV, you should think how to protect your ATV from ugona.Stavte after every trip to the garage your ATV. If you have to send it to the parking lot, then make sure that it was well lit. Most car thieves tend to track prey, bright light will become a barrier to their puti.Ni means do not leave even "a minute" keys in the quad, as well as unattended routine kvadrotsikl.Postavte special signal provided by ATV, steering and using blockers koles.Kupite chain, which "catches" your Iron Horse to the post, as well as other parts of plants.

The main thing is that they can not be moved without special equipment. The lock and chain itself must be of high kachestva.Zapishite yourself in a notebook all the information on serial numbers of your ATV, save the distinguishing marks, photographs of your ATV. This information may be useful in case of theft. So the police can track down and identify your kvadrotsikl.Esche a way as to protect ATV theft, can serve as a GPS – tipster." This little device, its size is less than a box of matches. It is designed exclusively for ATVs.

The device is placed normal sim-card, then the "bug" special properly set up – and he's ready to go. A box hidden in one of the tricky areas of your ATV, where the hijackers will not be easy to reach. This device will send the coordinates of its location on "Request" ATV owner. And if the thieves get to your four-wheeled friend, you'll know where he is today. And you will be able to tell police where it is now your ATV. Is it possible to calculate the "beetle" if quad scan? No. Because the GPS-module is almost always in a state of rest and delivers on his sign only at the request of the owner of ATVs, ie you. It should be noted that it included only for 3-5 seconds. Thus, it is almost impossible to find. GPS-tipster" completely self-contained, internal battery lasts about 2 years when the year-round use of the ATV. When the battery begins to run, "beetle" you will tell you to recharge it. When deciding how to protect your ATV against theft, use our advice. We hope they will help to protect your four-wheeled friend.

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