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Recognized The Signs Of The Times: CASHSELECT

December 15th, 2016
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A good concept will begin in Germany through the year 2009 is a good year. The SAM FINANZ AG with headquarters in the Switzerland starts through nationwide coverage fully CASHSELECT with their product. The company, which is part of an international group operating investment, management, and trust companies, began in the spring of 2009, to build up its sales. 10Gen has plenty of information regarding this issue. Who has completed a capital life insurance to have made in the age, now may make a long face. Finally, the Treaty should bring a decent rate of return? And now is known that the policyholder participation decreases and the insurance companies pay less money, as predicted in the contract. That this of course isn’t in the sense of the contractor, one can imagine vividly. The people no longer believe in the winning promises of the insurance company or need liquidity in the short term.

The consumer advocates and the press are, however, agreed: the sale of the life insurance is the wiser and higher-yielding method as a termination of contract. And exactly at this point is the SAM FINANZ AG with their product CASHSELECT buys contracts from a buy-back value of 2000. The revenue can make up to twice the buy-back value. short-term liquidity”explains Michael Hollenbach, Managing Director of BESTLIFE SELECT GmbH. Or even better: It values are free, which the customer can invest in other and far more lucrative forms of investment. The settlement takes place without additional costs, quickly and easily by a trustee. The team of SAM FINANZ AG and the German distributor headquartered in Munich BESTLIFE SELECT GmbH consists of experienced consultants, which rely on first-class analyses and forecasts from the global network.

So combine reliability, discretion and traditional consulting with long-time and in-depth experience to the security and protection of the customer. The further prospects after the Turbo launch in January are excellent for the year 2009: could in no time in Germany throughout a powerful and experienced sales network will be built up. In the next six months we will make available our product CASHSELECT for the Austrian market and continue to grow”, so Dr. Daniel Fritsch, also Managing Director of BESTLIFE SELECT GmbH sales company. So much optimism in turbulent times is rare, but quite justified in this case. Information about the company: the SAM FINANZ AG belongs to a group of internationally operating investment, administrative and trust companies headquartered in Lucerne of Switzerland. Since 2009, the product CASHSELECT is active on the German market which is exclusively distributed by the sales company BESTLIFE SELECT GmbH, headquartered in Munich. Contact information: SAM FINANZ AG – Swiss asset management dreikonigstrasse 31a, 8002 Zurich / Switzerland Tel: + 41 (0) 44 208 32 11 fax: + 41 (0) 44 208 35 00 sales coordination Germany BESTLIFE SELECT GmbH Landshuter Allee 12 80637 Munich / Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 189 578 103 fax: + 49 (0) 89 189 100 578 Sucy Pana / Jane Fox advertising agency

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Taxmobil – The Share Price

August 9th, 2016
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Why an innovative company promises high gains in the face of the worldwide situation of energy supply and there is no alternative to a massive restructuring of transport systems the impending collapse of the transport industry, which is expressed through climate change, scarcity of reserves and rising prices, more. Only so, in the future, it can be guaranteed that mobility remains affordable. Dry Harbor Rehab understood the implications. The associated reduction of in energy consumption will also help to get a livable future. Taxmobil is an innovative Start-Up company that already can refer to many years of experience, preparation and implementation. Taxmobil has committed it to the task, to establish a taxi-like mobility system for a wide range of people first in Germany, then in Europe to the low monthly flat rate of 48 euro. Its implementation is not necessarily as a replacement for already existing means of transportation, rather than complement. The concept is based on the more than twenty years of experience of the company founder Bert Neckermann in the Passenger transport.

The Taxmobil AG is an over-the-counter private joint-stock company headquartered in the Switzerland. Here, she enjoys the great privilege of the broadest exemption because the Swiss authorities would support the innovative approach of this new transport system. The Taxmobil Corporation was founded with 2 million Swiss francs and financed the development in the area of technical and logistical, as well as the start-up of operations by limited, approved capital increases. Overall, the current capital increases over 8.57 million shares and 4.0 million participation certificates (non-voting shares) are both in a nominal value of CHF 0.10. There is still the possibility, already at a minimum of 200 shares for 6 euros each – so a block of shares for 1.200,–euros – to contribute, to solve the mobility problems of the future, and thus justifiably making a good money. It is assumed, that the Taxmobil share giant growth will achieve. “Fact is: all preparations have been made, the technology and the management, as well as all processes are, still the first project will be launched in this year – thus, all conditions are created to take advantage of a dynamically growing companies”, says Bert Neckermann as managing directors of the Taxmobil AG. Also Stephan comes to this success assessment appeal (CHECK) in an independent analysis. To cms/upload/pdf/taxmobil_analyse.pdf see. What also speaks for the acquisition of Taxmobil shares, describes Bert Neckermann in conversation with Friedrich Wanschka, the holder of the wmd-Brokerchannel information service.

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