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May 2nd, 2017
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The world, look at Berlin and the latest televisions, smartphones and tablets of the future of summer ends and introduces not only fall but also the phase of hot rumors around technology, mobile and entertainment industry. While mid-August the video player could throw this world with GamesCom news and ‘sneak peaks’ on upcoming highlights, the radio exhibition in berlin through quasi in the connection then starts really and shows visitors what direction today’s entertainment media move. One can assume certainly still flatter, larger and probably more energy-efficient televisions as well, as of the latest possibilities of three-dimensional perception of the experience. A technique that came and remains bound to the use of (sometimes costly) 3D glasses quite new on the market in the last two years. Whether now models prevail which provide the same feature without external devices remains to be seen, is ardently desired by many but. An IFA without the presence of latest developments for portable Devices such as tablets or Smartphones is as likely as snow in summer. In today’s society, the all purpose mobile have already achieved it in about 40% of all households worldwide, rising steeply.

While especially the Smartphones of constant companion of man has become, the Tablet stalks used is meanwhile slowly to the people. While the first generations of the Tablet were already surprisingly handy, lacked most internal performance, sharpness of display and battery life. “In this market, although the manufacturer Apple is ahead (wen surprise there), but only” if given that pure sales figures. The scope of the current iPad is 3 not in the absolute top, the ASUS, ACER and Toshiba which currently part rough up the market and bring new models for many consumers on the market much more regular intervals. This allows an optimized performance and lowers the price currently high market shares detach her Apple.

For Apple itself a verschmerzbare fact, as This loss”that soon iPhone 5 Repair can, even if it might be a tight battle by its main competitor Samsung with the Galaxy S3. Also may be curious, what offers the industry as new ways for comfortable living, unless (self-cleaning or programmable), better listening pleasure (new noise) or new MediPlayer automated kitchen items (E.g.: voice control). As you can see, the true extent and range of the IFA in words can touch and there are too many question marks about many rumors, but one can be curious whether technological progress has again embarked on a completely new direction or continue pursuing the current path and also the next years with all sorts of things will enrich us, which somehow make our everyday lives easier.