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Hardware Ventilated Facades

May 2nd, 2017
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Ventilated facades, in the opinion of many architects, is the best solution for finishing the exterior of the building. Modern technology-based materials used in the manufacture of ventilated facades, provide an opportunity change the appearance of the building, give it a unique look. And what are the components of ventilated facades are also used? Key element by which the building and gets an updated look, is a fiber cement board latonit.latonit – a versatile, clean, fiber cement board, which is used in the manufacture of rosiyskie natural resources, such as: cement, pulp and mineral fillers. When production of plates used latonit pressing (at pressure of 650 N/cm2) and autoclaving (at 175oS and pressure of 10 atm.), which increases the density and mechanical strength in compression and izgib.Sleduschy important element of the ventilated facade – the frame. The frame can be metal or wood with special impregnation and fastened to the wall of the building. To him then attached the new front panel. Ventilated facade called "vented>> because between it and the wall there is an air gap, so the frame always stays dry, which positively affects the service life .V cases when you need insulation of buildings, between the bearing wall and facing panels pave the heater. Bottom line: the house becomes drier, warmer, old walls do not absorb vlagu.Pri installation of ventilated facades will not do well without such items as: aluminum profile, or wooden beams, brackets, anchors for attaching the bracket to the wall fittings (bracket in horizontal or vertical seam)..


Energy-efficient Wood Windows

February 13th, 2016
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Wood windows with double-glazed windows are an integral and very important element of any home. Modern wooden windows should provide: security, resistance to weathering, heat and sound insulation. In addition, Wooden windows must comply with all requirements and tastes of customers in terms of design and aesthetics. In addition to the functional and aesthetic components, customers expect solutions to reduce heating. It is important not only because it is saving the budget, but also because of the environment. Less loss of energy and its consumption means less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Finally, it is impossible to bypass the common global questions next time.

In January 2009 introduced stricter requirements for building materials: wood windows of various tree species are subject to mandatory certification. In the case of newly constructed buildings or designers Architects are obliged to offer energy-efficient wood windows for each building. Standard defines the ratio of total energy consumption and identifies new building materials and methods of work performance, with by which the building will have a draft of the energy class of the building. Today, modern wooden windows allows you to express personal style house in which we live. More and more people, even using model projects decide to give a flat, with wooden windows with double glazing, an aspect of personality. One way is to use a wooden windows of irregular shape and size. Arched trapezoidal and round wooden windows look very interesting. Wood windows, made for individual orders are becoming more popular among customers.