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Solar Modules

May 23rd, 2013
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Important topic when it comes to solar panels or solar water heaters and tanks for water. Where to locate them, settle them and how to make them. The mounting systems of structures which can be iron galvanized with aluminum profiles are designed according to the place to settle. The placement is mostly on the roofs of the houses, i.e. roofs with slopes or against rain, snow, or hail. Not all slopes of the roofs have the same angle of inclination with respect to the floor of the House or building.

In addition, the material from which each roof is built can be very different one another ceiling by customs, aesthetic, quality of the House, finally, in all ways for evaluation each case. The supporting structures must be made according to heaters or photovoltaic solar modules. I.e., or just for a panel or a set of them according to requirements according to need power. On the other hand, the installation will have to be calculated based on the orientation of the Sun’s rays and the aesthetic aspect maximized with Ultra violet rays, also known as individual solar systems or multiple systems. For steeper roofs metal support structure will be typical design, with aluminum support duly painted electrostatic iron and full frame profiles; While for the roofs of shingles with light slopes, should adapt to the modules a few protectors of UV rays, with polyester coating, resistant to snow and hailstorms that are easier to deposit by the less aware. On flat ground floors, support structures are large and sophisticated thinking in multi-purpose modules and especially with the ease of placing the followers of Sun’s rays, with fierro and profiles of aluminium for functions of multi-angles of follow-up to the fall of the aforementioned rays.

For roofs in buildings such as houses of one or two floors, structures and models of supports both are different to those mentioned above. In either case these structures are made thinking of expansions in the system or modular systems for easy expansion in the future. In terms of its maintenance are very little once installed with anticorrosive and adjusters guards of brands with guarantee. Anyway they recommend periodic checks and maintenance scheduled annually as a minimum. Here one of the companies responsible for these structural supports globally: Schetler Inc.

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European Country

August 19th, 2012
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Spain broke records in Europe when increasing in 3.522 MW (megavatios) its Aeolian capacity, the 41 percent of the total (8,554 MW) that settled in the EU, that altogether increased its capacity a 18 percent. Spain since before Germany and Denmark did has taken the leadership, indicated in an official notice the executive director of the EWEA, Christian Kjaer. With the increase registered the past year, the 10 percent of the electricity generated in Spain comes from the wind, according to the EWEA. Spain, with 15,145 MW, is the second country, after Germany, with greater Aeolian capacity available in the EU, zone that counts on a total capacity of 56,535 MW, that cover the 3.7 percent with the demand energetics of the Twenty-seven. Almost 190,000 jobs.

Renewable energies in Spain the sector of the renewable energies account with near a thousand of companies in Spain in which 188,000 people work, between direct uses (89,000 workers) and indirect (99.000), according to the Center of Reference Working Istas-Commission. The study bases in sixteen years the average antiquity of the sector. In fact, a third of the companies has been created as of 2000. The Spanish company Gamesa and the Vestas Danish were placed the year last in first and the second position, respectively, of the list of main manufacturers of aerogenerators for the Spanish market, according to announced Aeolian Enterprise Asociacin yesterday (AEE). Gamesa installed 1,670 MW, almost half of the 3,522 MW of Aeolian power in Spain during 2007, and more of the double of the 700 MW of the previous exercise. After duplicating his rate of provision of aerogenerators, the Basque manufacturer attributes 48.63% of the accumulated power, to the margin of 8.43% of his Made branch.

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