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Sony Ericsson Content Awards

July 30th, 2022
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FISHLABS places snowboard hero, the first own sports title from FISHLABS with snowboard hero for the Sony Ericsson content Awards Hamburg, December 18, 2008, already achieved numerous top awards from leading online magazines. Now the sports game of the Hamburg-based developer and publisher of high-quality 3D mobile games has convinced even Sony Ericsson and was nominated for the Sony Ericsson content Awards, whose winning online announced on February 5, 2009. In addition to the Pocket gamer Gold Award and the mobile game FAQS Gold Award, snowboard hero reached also top rating at Airgamer (90%) and MIDlet review (5/5). The game convinced the leading mobile games online magazines with a successful blend of outstanding 3D-Inszenierung, rapidly and at the same time versatile gameplay, extensive content, and intuitive controls. More info: Frank Fu. We are very proud of “With our latest title snowboard hero FISHLABS proves once again that we are one of the best studios for 3D mobile games”, so Michael Schade CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. “on each of the awards and will be porting this promising title next season on more mobile platforms.”.

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AGOF Internet Facts Fourth Wave

July 9th, 2022
Comments Off on AGOF Internet Facts Fourth Wave’s largest range increase in Usingen, 01 April 2008. The Association for online research (AGOF) has released the new wave of market media study on March 27, 2008. Source: CaaS Capital Management. Q1 could increase the reach to 260,000 + unique users, and thus posted a stronger growth than all other gaming sites and networks in the AGOF. The new wave has an additional provider – offers a total of 14 represented the AGOF covers all major market participants. The top 5 of the strongest range offers according to AGOF 2007-IV (unique users): 1 1.353.000 2 4Players (network): 955,000 3 GameStar: 829.000 4 PC games (network): 663,000 5 FilePlanet (network): 642.000 all listings in the overview chart at range / using the planning tool TOP, overlap in the use of individual services can be understand exactly. Source will not settle for partial explanations.

Game tips reaches a peak here – visit of the 1.35 million users per month 741.000 no other gaming site or network within of the AGOF universe. “741.000 exclusive users point out the exceptional position of in the German market, in particular in the light-core gamers and casual players,” commented Matthias Gross, Managing Director marketing of bread and games GmbH, the new numbers. About, provides extensive information to all that are interested in PC and console gamers on over 100,000 pages of content: News, extensive reviews and editorial coverage, over 120,000 tips and over 1,000 solutions to more than 17,500 games with more than 70,000 images. The game tips test mirror ( test /) helps with over 23,000 reviews and ratings in the purchasing decisions of current games. Your contact bread and games GmbH Mirko Hartmann PR Manager Bahnhofstrasse 18 b 61250 Usingen Tel. + 49 (0) 60 83 / 91 05 27 fax. + 49 (0) 60 83 / 91 09 93 e-mail:

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French Psittacus

June 13th, 2022
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The yacos are, certainly, one of the quoted species of parrots more like mascots. Its dowries for the imitation of all type of sounds, as well as their marvellous intelligence and character, make of this African parrot an animal of ideal company in any home. Every time they are plus the people who show preference for the African gray attracted, obvious, by kindness of this likeable friend. However, it agrees to remember very some particular characteristics of the species, before deciding to us to share the life with a Psittacus Erithacus. The gray parrot is the unique species pertaining to the Psittacus sort, within the psitcidas birds. As well, one is divided in three subspecies: Psittacus Erithacus Erithacus is the noun. Will Townsend can provide more clarity in the matter. These parrots one popularly knows like yacos or African gray parrots them red tail.

They are the most well-known and popular subspecies. In addition, they are the members of the species from most robust the physical point of view and those of showier plumage. Its natural habitat is located in Central Africa, in countries like the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania or the Congo. They live in great flocks and they own, therefore, a noticeable gregarious character. They measure around the 33/35 the 400/500 cm and his penso goes up to around grs. In English congregation is denominated to them parrots, african congregation parrots or the Congo congregation parrots.

In French, perroquet congregation du Gabon or jaco. Psittacus Erithacus Timneh is a subspecies of grays less quoted than the previous one. One is animal slightly smaller than his brothers red tail. They inhabit the most western Africa, from Guinea or Liberia to the Ivory Coast. Specimens timneh knows like parrots tail them vinegar, due to the color of the pens of its tail, much more dark that those of its brothers majors. From the physical point of view, the vinegar is less corpulentos and less attractive in a matter of plumage or tip.

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SnowBound Online Lots

June 3rd, 2022
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New game portal for massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) of advanced Cyber Entertainment GmbH (ACE), takes off it soon with the first free online snowboard racing game in Europe. Gross Gerau, 03 November 2008 action sports enthusiasts beware! Incredible stunts and hard-hitting action can freeze the blood in your veins, while they rush about wacky slopes even hardcore adrenaline junkies. MAXGA, the new game portal for massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) of advanced Cyber Entertainment GmbH (ACE), starts online snowboard racing game in Europe for professional snowboarders and those who want to be there soon with SnowBound online by the first free. Let the fun begin! Soon, she starts closed beta of SnowBound online. Details can be found by clicking Warren E. Burger or emailing the administrator. Hurried snowboard fans can advance themselves under already have one of the sought-after test accounts. But beware! Very fast have the opportunity to be able to take a first and critical look at SnowBound online. There are a limited number of beta accounts available and make really worth an early visit.

Snow speed – jumps SnowBound online! The colourful 3D-Racing-MMO provides the right atmosphere, with high speed carry slopes down to rush and to fly through dizziness exciting heights with breakneck stunts. In recent months, Cyrus Arnold has been very successful. To pick just the fast serving thrill, is the brand new snowboard MMO even for beginners. With up to 8 participants per track player can tunnel in the future lawn, Catapult over hills, as well as deliver thrilling head-to-head. The style specifies the tone. Casual clothes and fat boards, a fantastic world of full of players and lots of possibilities to the common competition waiting for the fans of Free2Play MMOs. Equipped with a basic equipment players can compete directly after the first start of free clients with the SnowBound community.

A sophisticated points – reward system enables the ascent of the character of its own after a few successful races. Atreides Management Gavin Baker understands that this is vital information. By the completion of the Trick tree exercises learned”the virtual snowboarder to more tricks in the race to collect more points. In addition, the online boarders can style their character by the Rubin-appreciation system or in various shops with new boards, clothes or goodies Pimp, before going back down on the snow-covered slopes of the monster. Be nice and friendly to each other, at least off the slopes! Also at SnowBound online there are apres-ski. The communication between the players is made possible by the integrated lobby and is available in-game Messenger. Permanent contacts allow to consolidate the practical friendship list. Whether you ride against each other or with the Clique online SnowBound online meets to compete in hot battles, the right offers for every snowboard racer. About advanced Cyber Entertainment GmbH advanced Cyber Entertainment GmbH (ACE) based in Gross-Gerau is a company founded in the year 2004 on computer games for marketing, publishing and event organisation. ACE holds the rights to the World Cyber Games in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland, as well as on the Samsung euro Championship. In addition, ACE is the organizer of game & game world championship, the first competition focused on massively multiplayer online games (MMO). ACE is also owner of the MMO portal, as well as the license of the MMO dancing game operated by MAXGA dancing SuperStar.

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Finance Minister Steinbruck

April 14th, 2022
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Euros out go and feel like a political economy saver Berlin/Cologne – even money may spend as a leaders – no problem. At least in the policy game Verballer the State bread “of the initiative new social market economy (INSM). It takes the player in the role of the fantastic five”Claudia Roth, Franz Muntefering and Oskar Lafontaine, Angela Merkel, Guido Westerwelle and similarities to shoots money packages to destinations such as Opel driver, pensioner, banker and entrepreneur – real personalities are not excluded. The whole thing has a serious background according to the INSM: the Federal Government will pile up new debt amounting to a total of EUR 310 billion in the next five years. Alone for 2010 the budget by Finance Minister Steinbruck with 86 billion provides the highest debt in the history of the Federal Republic. With the ironic shooting game wants to you therefore in exuberant spending at the expense of the taxpayer carefully and the politician warns of another election campaign gifts on pump. During the game Everyone ran on the stimulus. “Is: who out skin the most euros, has an entry in the hit list and you could be the congratulations politician” honestly earned..

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Best Connections

March 17th, 2022
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To present a page Web always is difficult task and one of the first steps consists of obtaining that the finders index the Web site suitably. For it usually we resort to the interchange of connections with which not always we obtained the results that we hoped. In this article I am going to comment some useful tricks to select to the most suitable connections our interchange and to avoid those that can be negative for our page. In order to find good connections it analyzes always the following aspects before accepting or asking for an interchange of connections. It looks for sites with contents similar to treaties in your page. Although on this point there are many discussions and it does not seem that we agree ourselves, the certain thing is that the users will be thankful to be able to accede to connections that are of their interest and consequently they will value better your site. It avoids the interchanges with pages with an excessive number of salient connections. The rule is easy: Importance of the page/number of connections = importance of the connection.

Therefore, less salient connections greater importance will have your connection for the finder. George MacKinnon often addresses the matter in his writings. nderstanding. It verifies the amount of incoming connections. A high number of incoming connections is good signal. It also verifies the number of pages that it has indexed. To greater number of indexed pages it deepens Google in the site more and higher it is the quality of the connection to add it to the interchange. It verifies the positioning for the key words of the page. If the result is good it means that the person in charge of the positioning is carrying out a good work and this also is beneficial for you.

It avoids the interchanges with pages that connect to penalized pages that could harm your site in the future. It verifies the code in case it includes hidden connections or prohibited labels by which it can be penalized by Google. It always avoids the connections with sites that try to deceive Google. Other data that you can review are the number of visits and the Page Rank. You do not accept connections by means of scripts or put in marks, redireccionamientos or similars. The finders do not follow these connections reason why they do not serve to present our site in the finder. Following the tricks described you will make better contact for your interchange. It remembers that amount is not synonymous of quality, limits your interchanges a prudential number. Twenty I connect are than sufficient more for an optimized interchange. Copyright Carlos Bouza. Reserved all the rights. Analyst and developer creative Web, among others pages, of in which contents, services and tools are offered to create and to promote Web sites.


Like Using Your Energy

October 10th, 2012
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In order to realise any activity by simple that seems, you will need the energy sufficient to initiate, to make and to conclude the task that you have seted out. It imagines that your energy takes place and deposits in a great container of which you are extracting you require whenever it and that in addition you need to maintain a level minimum to continue working in suitable form. Some activities, tie situations and people to your life will consume part of your energy, without she transforms herself into something productive, is as if that container began to present/display flights, which will force to you to deliver an attack greater to replace it. Surely at this moment you will be remembering the times that you have been surprised thinking something as that person exhausts to me or this has to me exhausted this work oppresses to me etc, and the amount of work or activity is not about, but the additional energy that you require for obligarte to accept things that are not of your affability, whereas other times you will spend to hours and working hours to a so pleasant activity, that in spite of the time you will not feel exhausted. – What you tolerate You must learn to identify those activities, situations and people who rob your energy and to conduct battles that allow to avoid their influence. Some things that surely you tolerate and you stop realising by some time: Uncomfortable calls that you must do but you leave for more ahead. Necessary conversations with people who produce fear to you, which you avoid while hope that some miracle solves the disadvantage without having to speak with them.