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Like Using Your Energy

October 10th, 2012
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In order to realise any activity by simple that seems, you will need the energy sufficient to initiate, to make and to conclude the task that you have seted out. It imagines that your energy takes place and deposits in a great container of which you are extracting you require whenever it and that in addition you need to maintain a level minimum to continue working in suitable form. Some activities, tie situations and people to your life will consume part of your energy, without she transforms herself into something productive, is as if that container began to present/display flights, which will force to you to deliver an attack greater to replace it. Surely at this moment you will be remembering the times that you have been surprised thinking something as that person exhausts to me or this has to me exhausted this work oppresses to me etc, and the amount of work or activity is not about, but the additional energy that you require for obligarte to accept things that are not of your affability, whereas other times you will spend to hours and working hours to a so pleasant activity, that in spite of the time you will not feel exhausted. – What you tolerate You must learn to identify those activities, situations and people who rob your energy and to conduct battles that allow to avoid their influence. Some things that surely you tolerate and you stop realising by some time: Uncomfortable calls that you must do but you leave for more ahead. Necessary conversations with people who produce fear to you, which you avoid while hope that some miracle solves the disadvantage without having to speak with them.