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Draw Energies

November 10th, 2013
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You can reach the moment in which you choose to sit in a dry trunk beside the road. It is not easy to walk without taking a breather. You take your time in order to prepare new forces for the March. However, sometimes it is time to return to the slaughter and do not see enough motivation to do so. If you’re someone with dreams in this life, things which fight, it is the worst that could happen. Because you need to get ahead, get ready, new resources. More than one ambitious project waiting for you, you are aware of that can wait no longer for you than what you’ve waited for them.

There you are, overwhelmed, tired, not able to answer the question of why put your hands on your thighs and reinstate you. We all have a moment as well. The majority of dreams are not frustrated because fallen plans, but because it fails the enthusiasm of fight for them until the end. There I see get your feelings of inferiority. They come along with ideas that perhaps not possible what you plotted on a principle.

That smile and that faith you had in those days was they become blurry. You know well that others have done it but now you begin to feel as if you were less than them. And you mentally review your deficiencies looking for an explanation or rather a pretext for not continuing to fight. But hear well this: NO-PUE-DES-PER-MI-T?R-TE – THING. You have to follow already same. And the way that you’re going to do, the resource that you are going to use are your own feelings of inferiority. Because they are not your enemies necessarily. But come! Feelings of inferiority are the curse of many people, you say. How we are going to now come with it that are that I will get out of this hole.

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